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Debunked: 5 Swimming Pool Myths You Should Get Over

Have you ever been warned not to take a dip in the pool right after eating when you were younger? Perhaps you’ve been told not to pee in it as well for there’s a chemical in the pool that will instantly make your urine visible.

Chances are, you’ve complied with these unproven warnings and you fully believed your elderly whenever they warn you about it. Besides, you were kids back then so anything older people tell you automatically registers in your head as true and correct.

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Bad Skin Care Habits You Need to Ditch

You follow a diligent CTM routine on a daily basis. You exfoliate your skin. You also apply sunscreen without fail and you still wonder why your skin is not at its best many times. Maybe it because you have picked up some bad habits innocuously which are stopping you from achieving that “near to” perfect skin! Here is a list of those wicked habits you need to have a break up with:

Indulging in a workout with makeup on

“I didn’t have time” is a very …
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Healthy Body & Skin : Calcium-Rich Health Benefits

Calcium makes 2% of total body mass of an adult. This makes it one of the most vital elements in our bodies, which keeps us healthy throughout our lifetime. In early childhood, it helps the development of our bones and teeth. During adolescence years, again, calcium supports our growth. As we get older, calcium plays a major role in preventing osteoporosis. Apart from bones, this mineral brings other health benefits as well, some of which include weight management and cancer prevention. Here is why you should drink your cup of …
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The kickass fruits for effective weight loss

A lot has been spoken about weight loss and people have tried out ample ways to get rid of it. Most of the people are a victim of obesity and are becoming stressed due to the negative results. Obesity also leads to ample diseases. HCG diet has been in the market since 50 years and has fetched results. It is very simple to consume and will bring results in a span of 60 days. Ever wondered if fruits could help you to lose weight apart from providing you …
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A Vegan’s Guide to Food Storage: The Essentials

Being vegan brings with it some challenges that omnivore diets don’t necessarily face. For example, what’s the best way to store fresh food – food which is likely to be lower in preservatives than those made with animal products – and how can I safely buy food in bulk? It takes some thought and planning to reach out to different styles of food preservation, but it’s well worth it in the time and effort saved in the long run. Here are a few ways to store your vegan …
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Height Secrets: How to Increase height at any Age?

Height Secrets: How to Increase height at any Age?

A good height is one of the most noticeable and effectual attributes while talking about individual appearances. At every age group one feels more privileged with the height standards one bears. This is not just most valuable factor that highly enhances the personality but this is directly proportional to the self confidence levels.

On one hand a good height with a good body ratio is not just a personality trait but an equally essential element for some of the highest white collared jobs. In such cases it …
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The Effect of Tea on Health – 10 Tips Everyone Should Know

Tea, one of the world’s most loved and consumed beverages not restricted to country or religion, enjoys results from a plethora of research showing that it’s very good for health. Authentic tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis and comprises 4 main varieties, all of which have health benefits:

  • Green tea
  • Black tea
  • White tea
  • Oolong tea.

Herbal tea infusions aren’t to be confused with the real teas, as the additional ingredient of another plant (e.g. ginger, cranberry, chamomile, etc.) makes the brew technically not a pure …
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Spend this Christmas in India and Return with Great Memories and a Perfect Smile

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your smile is the light to that window. And it is not surprising that the most observant feature of a person is their smile. No wonder, so many people are swiftly jumping to the notion of rectifying flaws or enhancing their dental features. But how far could this desire take you? Would you travel to another city or state? Would you be eager enough to hop on a plan and fly across the globe just to have a …
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5 Simple Ways To Remove Dark Circles Completely

If there is something that is a giveaway that you are tired or stressed, it is having dark circles underneath your eyes. These dark circles can appear for a number of reasons and are not just caused by not getting enough sleep. Genetics and your natural skin tone also come into play for the likelihood that you will develop them.

Here are 5 simple ways to get rid of dark circles under your eyes.
 Use Two Pillows at Night

By sleeping with two pillows under your head at night, …
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Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

woman with pink cancer awareness ribbon

October was established as the Month of National Breast Cancer Awareness in 1985 which has been successful in making people aware of this terrible disease, what are the possible predispositions that increase the risk of developing this cancer, symptoms, how to detect cancer at home, what are the remedies and treatments available to women who already have breast cancer, prognosis, and changes related to lifestyle that can be adopted. There are several ways you can raise awareness about breast cancer among people …
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How to Stop and Prevent Work-Related Back Pain?

Work-related back pain is one of the major reasons of missed work. Slouching over a computer for 8h and then going home where you do the same thing can cause serious health consequences. Not only does continual back pain distract you from your work activities, but it can also affect your personal life at home.

The ergonomic office workstation and regular exercises are the most important techniques for preventing back pain.

Sitting posture

Bad posture at desk can worsen any back condition. Correct posture can significantly alleviate …
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The Role of Eating on Behavior and Brain Health

You may have heard about the role of diet in improving health. But did you know that food can also influence a person’s behavior and brains? The fact may sound complicated, but it scientifically proven. The timing and contents of meals, along with the quantity that is consumed tends to have subtle and frequent dramatic effects on mood and behavior. Many pharmaceuticals companies in Delhi are promoting health supplements that enhance the process of digestion. Read further to find out the importance of diet on brain activity.

The importance …
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