Best Ways to Firm Loose Skin on the Neck

One of the most common signs of aging is the lack of firmness in the skin. As we age, skin becomes less elastic and it results in thinness, sagging, and fine lines, among others. Neck skin is less oily than the facial skin. It is delicate and that makes it more prone to premature aging. Saggy neck can add years to your appearance. Undoubtedly, aging is inevitable and so are its symptoms, but there are things you can do to prevent getting this. It is not permanent, there are ways you can trim it and get a younger looking neck.

Check out the list below:

Exercises Daily

Performing neck exercises on a daily basis provides a good mix of stretching and working out of your lower face muscles and neck. Repeat them at least twice a day, this will strengthen your neck so that the skin appears firmer.

  • Sit down with your back straight. Lift your head back and look up towards the ceiling with your mouth closed in a chewing gum motion. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Neck roll exercise not only releases muscle tension, but it also contributes in toning the neck. Tilt your chin towards your chest. Rotate your head to the right. Raise it upwards to the ceiling and down to the left in a circular motion. As you feel the release of tension, wrinkles in the neck area begin to dissolve.

Remove the Dead Skin

One of the best ways to avert loose skin is by incorporating an exfoliation routine in your skincare regime. This process is anti-aging. By removing the dead skin on the neck, you stimulate new cell formation. When this happens, you are paving way for a healthier looking neck than a creepy, leathery one.

Apply Moisturizer Daily

Use a moisturizer that boosts collagen and elastin production every day. Collagen and elastin restore firmness and prevents loose skin around the neck. Apply moisturizer immediately after shower for better absorption. Apply it in an upward direction for effective results. You can smoothen a rough and wrinkled neck with the help of natural anti aging serum by dermology designed for facial and neck skin. This anti-wrinkle cream fight skin-aging-radicals and increases collagen production.

Consider Weight Gain and Weight Loss

If you are noticing extra skin or loose skin around your neck, it could be because of sudden weight gain or weight loss. The more you gain or shed weight, the more are the chances of skin losing its elasticity. Different layers of the skin have different types of cells, skin cells on the outer surface of the body are gradually being lost and replaced with a rapid increase or loss in the weight. It affects the neck and chin area. So make sure you are not on junks, it will affect your weight. Also before you decide to shed weight, think again, it may result in loose skin.

Maintain an Overall Healthy Body Percentage

Incorporate basic food groups in your diet: whole grains, such as brown rice and oatmeal, a variety of colorful veggies and fruits. Stay away from the foods that are high in Tran’s fats, sugar, salt and cholesterol. It is vital to keep an all-around lean body mass for skin health to delay aging. By including antioxidant diet, you can improve your skin. Antioxidant food prevents premature aging and reduces neck sagging.

Other factors responsible for saggy neck are smoking, genetics and poor lifestyle. Before your neck becomes gross, adapt a healthy lifestyle and ditch the dreadful signs of aging. Cosmetic treatments are expensive and temporary, therefore start making changes mentioned above.

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