Signs Showing You Need A Face Lift

If you are in your 40’s then you know exactly how it feels to be in-front of the mirror! Unless you are an athlete or a fitness freak-the face in the mirror is not yours any more. You might be a lucky one to have a wonderful skin that is holding tight on all your features. But if you’re regular women of 40 then you need to follow different steps for looking obsolete.

Look at your skin and age as an outdoor garden that has outgrown cacti like plants and the bushes are taking the directions they are growing in. It shows that it needs remolding. So do you need Rhytidectomy.

The decision however for having plastic surgery is not easy. There are some who take facelift for motivational reasons while some have no reason at all. You might have always thought of getting a nose reshaped but that does not explain if you are ready to have the job get done.

Plastic surgery and preferably facelift is an important factor to decide on, here are signs which can help you understand if you are ready for a face lift :

1. Sagging of Your Face Skin

As always, precaution is better than cure. You always advised for drinking a lot of water and performing physical exercises. The retention of water inside the cells prevents the skin from becoming thin and leaving its place. Now, if despite care you see yourself in mirror and find the face leaving its shape because of loose hanging skin; it’s time for facelift.

Even after the loose skin you need to read the following to determine your state of being prepared:

•    Remember to always feel good about yourself. Any form of cosmetic surgery is to improve your self-image or to re-fresh your look. Surgery is not an invention for giving you a new life instead it improves the ways you appear. The most important factor here is clear visibility of the problem-one that your surgeon and you can see significantly perceptible.

•    Your skin is an over layer on your bones which means that, your cartilage, bone structure, along with the skin play the complete role. The facelift will make the skin firm and remove wrinkles but will not add someone else’s feature on your face. Keep your expectations rational.

•    If you have gone through an incident that has affected your emotional state-it is recommended that you don’t have cosmetic surgery. Surgery has after effects and requires physical and emotional fitness instead.

2. You Have Already Gone Through Botox and Fillers

It is rather a common practice to see patients coming for facelift consultation those that have had non-surgical treatments already. If you are already using Botox cosmetics and fillers then you do not have to wait for them to wear out.  You can seek consultation from the surgeon and proceed for the facelift procedure. The difference in the three processes is what you need to know:

•    Facelift addresses sagging neck and jowls and removes excess skin of the face.

•    Whereas, Botox is used for reducing wrinkles in the forehead.

•    Fillers on the other hand improve the volume loss in cheeks and in the areas around the mouth.

The three treatments can be carried out one after the other. However, you also need to understand that Fillers are a great way to make subtle changes to your face, but they do not stay effective as the time marches by especially when your whole face is aging. This is when you’ll need facelift-Remember even with facelift, you might need a second surgery:

•    There are 15 to 20 percent chances that you will need a second nose job. You will be well informed by your skilled surgeon for the second operation, as sometimes there can be a little pucker, a little asymmetry, and there are some problems that require fine-tuning.

3. You’re ready for the New Appearance

If you’re condition is matching any of the above mentioned factors then that clearly defines that you should get facelift done. After this point the things are only going to get worse. The more you wait, the less will be the results matching your desires. But, by far this is half of the story-there is more that requires preparation for after affects.

You need to understand how blue you are going to feel after the plastic surgery. Your face will be swollen, maybe bruised, and you will not have the energy because of the anesthesia and surgery. If you were already depressed about your appearance, this can impact your healing and you will feel even worse. So before making an attempt for facelift, check if you are ready and have:

•    Support system- If you have people who can be with you for the first two weeks to take care of you.

•    Affordability- You need to understand the expense your surgery will bring. Your pocket should be ready to bear those expenses and staying away from work.

•    Risks- Any kind of surgical procedure has routine risks associated with it. Plastic surgery can give you asymmetry, or less desired outcome, and even slow healing.

Are you prepared for these three points? The above mentioned three points play a very significant role in facelift. If you fail at any stage, remember you have your surgeon to talk to. The doctor-patient relationship here will be your biggest support, and your patience and time will be a great help.

4. You have Researched Enough

Surgery is never to be taken lightly and should not be followed because of a friends suggestion or because it’s in-trend. If you have given yourself enough to be prepared for the surgery then you should. You should have a very clear idea for what you want and then, it’s very important to be thorough about the surgeon:

•    Surgeon- Have you found an experienced surgeon? The end result of your facelift is a by-product of your will and your surgeon’s experience. Visit two to three surgeons, interview them, check their waiting room’s to seek assistance from the regular patients, see before and after pictures, and finally see how the surgeon communicates with you. If you are comfortable with the surgeon then let your face take a new lift!

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