4 Internet Safety Guide for the Modern Parent

Do you have a social networking site account? Many of us do. But how safe are you on that site? Most young ones are unaware of the dangers that popular social networking sites may pose. Numerous incidents tell us about people who have not been careful online and got into trouble. Some of those cases have even become fatal.

As a parent, how can you ensure that your child does not expose himself or your family to danger online? Below are four tips as to how you can keep your child safe from Internet dangers on social networking sites.

Be cautious about adding strangers up.

Some young ones feel that the more friends they have online, the happier and better they will be. However, adding up strangers just to increase the number of their friends online is dangerous. Some of those strangers may be a bad influence to your kid, and if you are not careful, those strangers may turn out to be individuals with evil intentions. So tell your child not to add up people that they don’t know.

Be aware of what your child posts.

Often, young ones post without restraint online. Some even make their social networking sites as their online diaries, baring their hearts out to the public and causing trouble for their reputation. If your child is in the habit of posting every detail about their lives, remind your child about the dangers of posting such information. Among the most common mistakes that young one’s post is their whereabouts. People with the wrong intentions may use the information that your child posted to break into your homes or take advantage of you.

Do not give away your password.

Many have made the terrible mistake of giving away their passwords to their friends. Remind your child that doing so will give others the power over their social media accounts, which can lead to trouble. Their friends may start posting stuff that your child may not be aware of–stuff that can ruin their reputation. So tell your child to keep their passwords to themselves and not spread it around.

Do check your child’s account.

Check out your child’s social media account. As the parent, you have the responsibility to keep track of your child’s online activities. Know who your child’s friends are. Do not hold yourself from stalking their friends online. If you see a post that you think is inappropriate, do not tolerate your child. Help them understand the need to be cautious about posting information online. They may resent you at first, thinking that you are intruding on their personal lives, but remember that you are doing that in their best interests.

Be wary of potential exploiters.

The Internet abounds with people who hide who they are. They may seem to be nice people online with seemingly innocent web profiles. However, they may turn out to be potential exploiters who would only cause trouble for your child and your family. Orient your child to be responsible of how they act online. They may feel tempted to test their limits especially when you have excellent network cabling services that give you fast data connection.

However, do not allow your child to venture into the Internet on their own. Just as you have been there to guide your child’s first steps, be on the lookout for them as they take their first virtual footsteps.

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