Beauty Maintaining Tips For The Working Women

Every woman wants to look beautiful and gorgeous all day long. Women have been spending a fortune to look good since time immemorial. A classic example is Cleopatra’s honey and milk bath. The latest trend is Botox used by celebrities, models and actresses. Every woman appears to be in the rat race to achieve that elusive concept of perfect beauty. Beauty is much more than makeup and expensive cosmetics. Beauty is, in fact, looking and feeling good about you. Among all women, working women need to meet a number of people every day once they step out of their house. It is important that they have a healthy skin and hair and they present themselves in a dignified manner.
Looking competent and professional is extremely important in a professional setting. A woman has to find the right balance between barefaced look and gaudy make up while going for work.

Beauty tips for women include tips to maintain healthy skin especially of face and tips to maintain healthy hair. There are different beauty tips for face depending upon the skin texture and type. Beauty tips for face can be segregated into three main categories. They are make-up tips, skincare and general maintenance. Face is the most recognizable feature of a person’s appearance. Juggling long working hours and personal life women rarely find time for themselves. Fortunately today with the various options available in beauty and fitness, women do not have to sacrifice a day for beauty treatments. For working women with families regular morning frenzy of getting kids out of bed, getting them ready for school, packing lunch and getting to office on time cannot be avoided. Therefore, they can keep a makeup kit in office and put on make-up there. A little concealer for eyeliner, dark circles, a dash of blush on and a tinted lip balm makes you look more presentable. Waxing and upper lip can be done once in fifteen days. Facials, manicure, pedicures, hair spas and root touch ups can be done once in every month. One day off in a week is sufficient for these beauty treatments. Compact, a kohl pencil, lipstick and a blush-on are the basic items in a working woman’s bag. Tweezers may be useful for stray hair.

For healthy skin do follow the following guidelines.

  • Do drink plenty of water.
  • Eat vegetables and salads in abundance.
  • Avoid caffeine intake in the form of tea and coffee.
  • Vitamin C is necessary for healthy hair, skin and nail. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. Consume them on a daily basis if possible.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. They should not be too tight since rashes and boils on the skin may occur due to extremely tight clothes.
  • Use a sun screen lotion according to your skin type in order to prevent your skin from tan. Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the skin.
  • Use of moisturizer will help your skin from getting dry in air conditioned rooms.

There is no short cut to fitness.

Working women can go for a brisk walk at least thrice in a week. When you exercise, the happy hormone ‘endorphin’ is released which reduces stress. One does not have to hit the gym if time does not permit. Within the four walls of one’s house one can exercise at least for 30- 45 minutes and feel good. Along with a glowing skin a perfect hair cut is the best feature for a working woman. Low and easy hair cut can make a working woman’s life easy at the work place. Slight use of make-up gives a woman the much-needed professional look.

Beauty is definitely a combination of looking good and feeling great. With proper and adequate care of the skin, hair and total health working women might look more pretty and presentable. Having a healthy diet and physical exercise also is very much important to look good.

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