Turn Back Time: Five Things that are Making You Look Older than You Should

Outside of fiction, eternal youth is unfortunately not a possibility. However, the desire to look young and feel good is completely achievable if you know which features and characteristics to focus on. You might have a few health or beauty practices that are aging you—and you might not even be aware of it! Listed below are five key mistakes many people make that cause them to look older than their age, and how those mistakes can be rectified.

Not Eating Or Moving Well

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” is a myth, but so is the idea that you should never count calories for fear of developing an eating disorder. Both over- and underweight individuals can be mistaken as older than their real age. Obesity and a diet of high-sugar, high-fat foods tends to age the face and make oil glands work overtime, whereas being underweight sharpens the planes of the body and makes the face look sunken or craggy. Make sure you follow proper nutrition guidelines, including treating yourself now and then. Also, if there’s a food group you don’t enjoy eating, don’t hesitate to supplement with quality vitamins. Get plenty of exercise–more than the recommended thirty minute, thrice weekly minimum, but ideally no more than five times a week unless you’re an athlete or in training.

Neglecting Your Teeth

A large majority of people brush their teeth twice daily, but they neglect to consider oral health anywhere beyond that. For some, it’s because they grew up in a generation where dental care was a luxury or not prioritized. For other, younger individuals, ignoring oral health can stem from dental phobias, perceived lack of time for the dentist, or sheer laziness. Despite all this, the smile is one of the most beautiful things a person can have, and a frequent focal point. If you know you have bad teeth or suffer from dental phobias, take time to seek out a dental professional who’s gentle and experienced. Be honest with your dentist; they’ve seen it all and are in fact paid to fix mouths and teeth with issues. Paying for dental care may be difficult, but if so, seek out a good dental insurance plan, or speak to your dentist about long-term payment options. According to dentists in Red Deer at the Parkland Mall Dental Centre, you can also help your teeth by avoiding acidic foods and drinks such as citrus fruits, juices, or wines. Stains on your teeth make you look a lot older and much less healthy.

Wearing A Young Wardrobe

Stacy and Clinton of What Not to Wear said it best. Never try to compete with eighteen-year-olds when it comes to your wardrobe; they will always win. It may seem that wearing a miniskirt, tube top, or overly tight, sparkly, or bright clothes in middle age will make you look younger. The truth is, that type of clothing will age you faster than almost anything else you could choose to do. This clothing also sends the message that you’re trying to look young, which is a turn-off to other people your age, particularly of the opposite sex. If you’re not sure how to dress your age, go shopping with a family member or friend who’s more comfortable with the concept than you are. Focus on finding pieces in your favorite colors or patterns, and keep accessories, especially large ones, to a tasteful minimum.

Skimping On Sleep

If you want to look and feel old, dozing off in a chair is the way to do it. Many adults believe they don’t need a consistent sleep schedule because they can tell when their bodies need to go to bed. Yes, your body will send you signals, but if your circadian rhythms are off, you may not get them until much later than you need them. Try to stay within thirty minutes of a consistent bedtime, and do something to calm your mind and body before turning in. Good choices include reading, prayer and meditation, soft instrumental music, or the classic warm milk.

Overdoing Your “Face”

Mom was right: the secret to wearing makeup is to seem like you’re not wearing any. Unfortunately, a lot of women in their thirties to middle age forget this advice, figuring that they can add a lot of extra makeup because they’re adults. One of the worst ways to age a face is to pile on heavy lipstick, overly bright eye shadow or liner, or extra-long fingernails. Instead, familiarize yourself with your best color palette (autumn, summer, spring, or winter) and stick to it. Seek out a makeup professional at your local department store if you’re unsure about trying a new shade of a product. If you’re in love with a certain trend, like red lips, and it doesn’t work for you, try darker pinks or brownish neutrals instead. Find some signature shades and use them frequently, but sparingly.

Looking young often seems like an unattainable goal after a certain age. Yet, no one is ever too old to feel and be beautiful. With tips like these, you can maintain or reclaim your youth and feel great doing it.

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