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6 of the Most Common Health Risks Associated With Driving A Car

Unless you live in a highly populated city where you can walk or take public transportation, you probably drive an automobile. Each time that you get behind the wheel, you’re at risk. Take a look at the six most common health risks associated with driving a car.
Skin Cancer
Believe it or not, you increase your chances of developing skin cancer when you drive, especially if you’re on the road often. Skin cancer is a common problem that results from exposure to UV rays while driving. If you commute for a lengthy …
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Seven Health Risks of Continual Heavy Drinking

Seven Health Risks of Continual Heavy Drinking

Although it is difficult to admit, many people have a serious problem with alcohol. Alcoholism is a disease that impacts both the mind and the body. Let’s take a look a closer look at the health impacts of continual heavy drinking.


Consistent heavy drinking of beverages containing alcohol can lead to anemia. Anemia occurs when the human body’s red blood cell count is low. Red blood cells carry a vital supply of oxygen throughout the body. The results of anemia can include debilitating fatigue, dizziness and breathing problems.


Consistent consumption …
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