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7 Reasons Why Cutting Carbs Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

There are many cases in the United States are suffering from overweight and obesity. Until now, the numbers are growing. One of the causes of obesity and overweight eats a lot of foods daily. From huge hamburgers, beef steaks and other heavy meals from restaurants, hotels or even in your dining room), it seems that you can’t stop yourself from eating too much of them.

As a result, your stomach grows bigger than your chest. Not only that, you’ll get love handles and double chin too. While some of the Americans …
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3 Stages of Fasting to Help You Lose Weight

Stage 1

A few hours without consuming carbohydrates lowers the blood glucose levels. The glycogen degraded as glucose and secreted into the bloodstream to nourish the cells of the body and especially the brain’s neurons.

Stage 2

After 8 or 10 hours without food or without taking carbohydrates, there is no glycogen in the liver and muscles. At this time, our body seeks a way to get the fuel it needs to function, especially the brain, hub of our entire body. They begin to degrade fat reserves (triglycerides) for …
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No excuses: 30-minute no equipment workout to fit in your busy schedule

How many minutes or hours per week should one really have to commit to exercise and finally achieve their weight goal? Well, it depends on your desire: how much weight you want to lose/gain, how long you can spare to go the gym and run in the treadmill, what type of workout you prefer and other factors.


No more nonsense excuses. You may be busy but what’s a 30-minute exercise to squeeze in your day? Maybe get up a little earlier so you can start your day with a quick burn …
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Top Ten Dieting Tips for 2016

Eating well is vital in keeping our body in check and ensuring that we stay healthy. Staying healthy however does not mean being thin or starving ourselves. It simply means feeling good especially on the inside and keeping at bay anything that might lead to an unhealthy status or unwanted diseases. Here are top ten healthy dieting tips for 2016 that everyone should know.

Eat vegetables

This comes as number one on the list of healthy dieting tips, because vegetables are good for our health as …
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The kickass fruits for effective weight loss

A lot has been spoken about weight loss and people have tried out ample ways to get rid of it. Most of the people are a victim of obesity and are becoming stressed due to the negative results. Obesity also leads to ample diseases. HCG diet has been in the market since 50 years and has fetched results. It is very simple to consume and will bring results in a span of 60 days. Ever wondered if fruits could help you to lose weight apart from providing you …
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How to Reduce Excess Flab with Weight Management Equipments?

Are you looking out for effective means of losing extra pounds from body? Then, you should try exercise machines that help in managing weight. The National Institutes of Health (U.S.) recommends physical workout for duration of half an hour for 5 times a week at the minimum to maintain apt body mass. Though it may time consuming, the method is certainly beneficial and can eliminate several health complications. Consult a professional trainer to initiate a routine to avoid injuries and other issues. If you have few …
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Get the best weight loss tips from the leading health experts

Unhealthy eating habits lead to weight gain and an imperfect body shape. Being healthy and fit is the need of the hour and treating your body with complete care is crucial. Avoid eating junk foods like street snacks and burgers that tend to infuse harmful toxins. You can follow a strict weight loss diet accompanied with routine exercise to maintain a healthy body. Wholesome weight loss tips will help you in maintaining a perfect body shape and weight. Follow these essential weight loss tips and keep yourself fit and lean.

Go …
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Weight loss: Foods you should and shouldn’t include in your diet

It’s no secret that the kind of food, and the quantity you consume is directly related to how much weight you gain. On an average, an adult gains one pound a year, a study has shown. Tweaks to a daily diet have been known to be very effective in losing weight. This means you do not have to rely on things like prescription weight loss pills to drop those pounds. Knowing which foods can help you lose weight and which can’t, may help you create a better dietary plan. So …
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How Obesity Can Affect Your Overall Health

How Obesity Can Affect Your Overall Health

More than 30 percent of people living in America are obese, which is a higher percentage than ever recorded before. Doctors determine whether you are at a healthy rate based on your Body Mass Index, which compares your weight to your height. If you fall into the obese range, it’s important that you look at how that extra weight affects your overall health.
Increased Risk of Diseases
Those who are obese are more susceptible to different types of diseases, including diabetes, gallbladder diseases and certain types of cancer. Type I …
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