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3 Stages of Fasting to Help You Lose Weight

Stage 1

A few hours without consuming carbohydrates lowers the blood glucose levels. The glycogen degraded as glucose and secreted into the bloodstream to nourish the cells of the body and especially the brain’s neurons.

Stage 2

After 8 or 10 hours without food or without taking carbohydrates, there is no glycogen in the liver and muscles. At this time, our body seeks a way to get the fuel it needs to function, especially the brain, hub of our entire body. They begin to degrade fat reserves (triglycerides) for …
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Know About the Complete Dropouts Guide for Weight Loss

Know About the Complete Dropouts Guide for Weight Loss

As the rise in Obesity continues to rise, many struggles with excess fat and don’t know how it even got there. The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Weight Loss will tell you anything that you need to know as it’s based mainly on common sense. While the author, Dr. Spencer doesn’t forbid any specific food, he does make it clear how overweight bodies accumulate fat due to several bad habits. In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the complete dropouts guide for weight loss.

Why …
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Building Muscles by Avoiding Catabolism

Image : Amy Texter

In order to build some serious muscle, you need to have every single nutrient directed at the right place. Unfortunately, if you push your body too hard, it will need all the substance you are already providing just to function properly, so it would be virtually impossible for it to gain any muscle mass. This is what is commonly known as catabolism. Because of this, you need to know how to organize your trainings, your nutrition and your lifestyle in general in order …
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Healthy Body & Skin : Calcium-Rich Health Benefits

Calcium makes 2% of total body mass of an adult. This makes it one of the most vital elements in our bodies, which keeps us healthy throughout our lifetime. In early childhood, it helps the development of our bones and teeth. During adolescence years, again, calcium supports our growth. As we get older, calcium plays a major role in preventing osteoporosis. Apart from bones, this mineral brings other health benefits as well, some of which include weight management and cancer prevention. Here is why you should drink your cup of …
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No excuses: 30-minute no equipment workout to fit in your busy schedule

How many minutes or hours per week should one really have to commit to exercise and finally achieve their weight goal? Well, it depends on your desire: how much weight you want to lose/gain, how long you can spare to go the gym and run in the treadmill, what type of workout you prefer and other factors.


No more nonsense excuses. You may be busy but what’s a 30-minute exercise to squeeze in your day? Maybe get up a little earlier so you can start your day with a quick burn …
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Top Ten Dieting Tips for 2016

Eating well is vital in keeping our body in check and ensuring that we stay healthy. Staying healthy however does not mean being thin or starving ourselves. It simply means feeling good especially on the inside and keeping at bay anything that might lead to an unhealthy status or unwanted diseases. Here are top ten healthy dieting tips for 2016 that everyone should know.

Eat vegetables

This comes as number one on the list of healthy dieting tips, because vegetables are good for our health as …
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Diet Without Exercise Is Now Possible !

Losing weight has become a new trend in the daily lifestyles of people for occasions such as marriage functions, birthday parties, prom nights and for some it’s just to stay healthy. Although dramatic, but humans do complain of not experiencing any drastic changes in their bodies even after monotonously tiring themselves of working throughout hours and hours of endeavor, just to regain perfect shape. So who’s at fault now, “regular exercise or lack of knowledge about a prim class healthy nutritious diet?”

An effort to lose weight …
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Change your Lifestyle to Lose Weight, Says Health Expert


Weight loss is a major concern for most people these days. A fat body is home to various health ailments, which might hamper the lifestyle and growth of an individual. Whereas, a lean and fit body ensures a calm and peaceful mind that helps the overall development of a person. A few teeny-weeny changes in your everyday schedule can help you to reduce weight significantly. It is not always the strenuous session at the gym that might get you the perfect body. But, following a regular, healthy and …
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Growing belly fat is a major concern for many people around the world. Neither it looks beautiful nor is it good for your complete health. This type of fat is also known as visceral fat that house in the midsection of the tummy and gives a very bulgy effect. This annoying fat makes you completely unattractive and it also increases the high risk of having malignant diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and many other organ diseases. This fat has become the major cause of many diseases people …
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Weight loss: Foods you should and shouldn’t include in your diet

It’s no secret that the kind of food, and the quantity you consume is directly related to how much weight you gain. On an average, an adult gains one pound a year, a study has shown. Tweaks to a daily diet have been known to be very effective in losing weight. This means you do not have to rely on things like prescription weight loss pills to drop those pounds. Knowing which foods can help you lose weight and which can’t, may help you create a better dietary plan. So …
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8-Steps to Weight Management

So you have reached your dream weight mark but dread that you might not be able to hold it for long, fold back or regain those difficult last extra kilos you shed off? Managing weight just like losing weight isn’t an easy game, but with dedication and consistency in things we discuss below – the essential tips to weight loss – you should be able to keep your weight in check and manage it pretty well!

1. Lean muscles: 
Lean muscles have a direct link with metabolism. If you have …
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Tips To Reduce Your Tummy In 10 Days

Fats around your waist that make up the tummy might be dangerous if they are not checked on time. If the amount of this fat is not checked on time, it can cause health problems such as stroke, metabolic issues, heart disease and diabetes. It is therefore advised that one should make an effort to reduce his tummy because it brings some complication to his or her health. The best way for you to reduce your tummy is through exercise or even without engaging yourself in physical exercise. Below are …
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