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Exercises with little to No Effect you Need to Avoid

Getting in shape is stressful and difficult; there are no short cuts nor one-night solution to get those flabs dissolved and get your abs to show. Along with proper diet, in order to lose weight and maintain a toned body, you also would need to exercise regularly.

Sure, going to the gym and having a fitness trainer could make everything easier. However, there are gym equipment and exercises that can harm your posture. Remember, if you can stand in bad posture, the same effect can be seen …
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A Quick Guide to using Random Gym Equipments

You ever get that feeling whenever you step inside the gym and see all the equipment and have absolutely no idea how it works? To add more to that, you’re even too shy to ask how to use it so you just swiftly walk away and use the treadmill instead because that’s one of the few gym machines you have mastered using.

Don’t waste your gym membership and unlimited use of the facilities. Originally posted on Cosmopolitan, here are a few of the common gym props you see lying at the …
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6 Effective Exercises to Burn Fat and Get Rid of Arm Jiggles

Noticed that your stacking more and more sleeveless dresses and tank tops but you don’t wear them at all hence, they’re only stuck in your dresser? And why so? Probably because of lower self-esteem since it exposes your shoulders, a peek at your back, exposes your armpit vagina and don’t forget the arm flabs.

Great news to all the women who shares the same sentiment: There are exercises targeting those areas and at the same time targets other parts of your body as well. No more hiding …
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Workout Plans and Their Significance

A workout is a session whose basic purpose is to give strength to your body, relaxation to your mind. It helps in making your today better than the previous day. A workout is any physical exercise that will help in keeping you fit with the exertion of muscles. It will facilitate in maintaining not only your physical fitness, but overall health and fitness as well.

What Is The Importance Of A Workout Plan?

If you want a healthy body, then you need to spend some of your time for going to gym. …
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Basic Necessities you need to Store in your Gym Bag

Most of the time we arrive at the gym thinking we already have in our gym bag the only necessities we think we need. Only to scratch the thought when you discovered you forgot something essential for your workout or post-workout. Good news for you, your gym has your back (although not always) but the downside is: it costs too much (i.e. socks).

 Sure you can borrow from your coach or gym buddy but what if it happens again? Or you don’t have a regular gym buddy …
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Workout at Work – Smart Exercises you can do in the Office

Working from 8 AM to 5 PM and suddenly you feel your body gaining weight? If you think because of your hectic schedule you can no longer afford to take a minute and sweat, you’re wrong. Sitting for a long period of hours may be hazardous to your health so try to find ways and a little bit of time to work your body.

According to Greatist, sitting for a long period of hours are linked to a higher possibility risk of obesity, diabetes and …
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Best Reasons Why Women Should CrossFit

Crossfit is a demanding and tough way to exercise, but it does not mean that women should be excluded, if anything else, they should be more than welcome to try it out. However, you have to be careful and you have to be aware of your limitations, because one bad move and you could easily hurt yourself. Though it can be an excellent way to build up stamina and strength. And if you are a starter, it is best if you can start slow and work your way …
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The 5 Basic Workout Moves you need to Look Amazing

I want to be stay fit”, Says everyone but does nothing anyway to build that great physique. It is no easy task to get your body in your ideal shape especially when you have to flaunt your body for next month’s occasion or beach trip. Or maybe, you just want to look good to feel good.

To help you achieve your body goal, here are the most essential total-body movements you need to sweat those fats and walk around looking fit and healthy:

Push ups

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Most Effective Exercises to Sculpt your Abs

We all want a hot bod like Julianne Hough’s or Chris Pratt’s. You’ve been working your full body but still couldn’t possible get that 6 pack abs and why, you ask? It’s because you’re not working your core enough and properly!

Here are the exercises you need to get those Star Lord-like abs or the Dancing with the Stars’ physique:

Stability ball tuck

Stability ball is perfect for balance-challenging workouts. Even better, it’s a good tool to use in improving your muscle groups while working your control …
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5 Reasons You Want To Start Exercising

5 Reasons You Want To Start Exercising

Interested in a better mood and more energy? How about living a longer life without any medications? All you have to do implies starting a program of regular physical activity. The benefits of physical activity – from boosting your confidence to preventing chronic diseases – are hard to ignore, so convince yourself with the most common reasons.

Boosting your self-confidence

Exercising stimulates a wide plethora of nervous centers of your brain, no matter if you use modern exercise equipment or the time tested methods of walking and running. …
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5 Life-Changing Free Fitness Apps that should Dominate your Smartphone

It is with no doubt that exercising is difficult especially when you’re working. Of course, you would rather spend your free time together with your family or friends, go to the malls, eat dinner/lunch together during weekends rather than go straight to the gym.

Not many realizes the importance of exercise to our health. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle includes shaking off your body and letting it cry your sweat.

To help you get motivated, here are a few Free Fitness Apps to guide …
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5 tips for maintaining fitness motivation

Everybody is aware of the benefits of regular exercise. We all want to look good and stay fit. Most of us even start a fitness program with all the enthusiasm and energy. However, how many of us are actually able to reap the results of an exercise program? Very few. The reason is that most of us are unable to continue exercising on a regular basis.

People often feel bored and drop out after around three to six months. Even though all of us realize that exercising …
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