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6 Amazing Natural Remedies for Swollen Feet and Ankles

Swollen feet and ankles are a common problem today caused by a myriad of reasons. The most common causes of swollen feet are lifestyle related and include: standing or sitting for long, being overweight and Edema, a result of the accumulation of fluids in the tissues of the feet. Other causes include pregnancy complications, excess salt intake, injury, diseases, blood clots, and infections. Here are some amazing natural remedies for swollen feet and ankles that you can use to relieve the condition at home.

1. Epsom salt

Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) …
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Complete Guide to Care For Your Glowing Skin

Are you looking for a flawless and blemish skin? With few teeny tiny changes you can make your way to acne –free, glowing skin, like Hollywood divas.

Many women think flawless skin is too much to ask for. But the ground realty is that with few daily skin care tips, you can enhance your natural beauty. Proper skin care tips will help you look 10 years younger than you are.



Just like knowing the kind of nails you have will make it easier for you to maintain it, knowing the kind of …
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Vegan lunch box recipes with a South African twist

If you’re a sensitive person and you’ve become aware of the huge cost of factory farming, to both your health and the planet, changing to a vegetarian diet will be one the most responsible decisions that you will ever make. You will certainly be healthier, as long as you eat consciously and ensure that you’re ticking all the essential nutrient boxes at every meal. Remember- more responsibility equals more freedom, so you won’t regret it.

As your body, re-sensitises to this new diet, you’re likely to find yourself moving progressively further …
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7 Reasons Why Cutting Carbs Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

There are many cases in the United States are suffering from overweight and obesity. Until now, the numbers are growing. One of the causes of obesity and overweight eats a lot of foods daily. From huge hamburgers, beef steaks and other heavy meals from restaurants, hotels or even in your dining room), it seems that you can’t stop yourself from eating too much of them.

As a result, your stomach grows bigger than your chest. Not only that, you’ll get love handles and double chin too. While some of the Americans …
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Clear Away Blackheads With These 7 Ways

Black dress, black shoes, black purse, black lipstick, and black nail polish – these are just five black things you can find in a woman’s room. Black makes every item stylish and elegant. However, there’s this one black stuff every woman doesn’t want to have – blackheads.

Blackheads are stubborn, pore-clogging monsters that have a tendency to come and go. According to Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City, blackheads are oxidized mixture of oil and dead skin cells sitting in your pores. The exposure …
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The 7 Best Beginner’s exercises to do at Home from 2017

Whether it’s because of the junk food that we eat or the lack of exercise due to our busy lifestyle, there is no denying the fact that millennials aren’t in the best of their health and fitness condition. And with the increasing number of health related problems like obesity, back pain, and diabetes, exercise seems to be the urgent need of the hour for everyone.

If you thought you didn’t have 60 minutes of time to hit the gym daily or that there aren’t too many options for beginners, here are …
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8 Foods You Didn’t Know Can Improve Your Eyesight

It’s never too late to take care of your eyes and bring it back to its healthy form. In the natural order of life, you should sustain the health of your body by eating proper foods and having a well-balanced diet.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of eating certain types of food you eat will surely make your body appreciate the effort and your bodily functions will improve, too Aside from preventing yourself from taking medications, there are specific types of food you can eat to address …
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7 Sneaky Reasons Why Your Skin Is Dry And Irritated

Here is a simple, no-brainer test we want you to try: Reach for your arms and legs and look at them closely. Do they feel tight? Do they look rough and scaly? Are they cracking and flaking? Lastly, can you write your name on them using your fingernails?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, then it’s confirmed – you have a dry and irritated skin.

The reason why your skin is dry is obvious – the lack of moisture. But aside …
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An Insight of Circumcision in Adults

We no longer live in a world of distances, rather we live in a time where globalisation has become a reality. So, any topic is up for debate. And nothing can be said more; in favour or against the circumcision for males. As obvious there are two sides of each story; one in its favour and one in its opposite faction. Those in favour of it present facts based on religious, social and scientific studies. And the opposing faction, which advocates against circumcision (majorly) believe that there is …
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Essential Oils for the Hair

Does your hair care regime include oiling your hair and scalp?  Some people believe that oiling the hair is unnecessary as our scalp has glands which produce sebum, the oily secretion that keeps the skin hydrated and forms a protective layer on each strand of hair.

But regular washing of hair and exposure to dust and wind peel the skin and hair of their natural protective layer of oil causing the hair to turn frizzy and the scalp becoming dry, flaky and itchy. To overcome these problems …
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Knee Replacement Surgery : Causes and Treatment

In knee replacement surgery, existing knee joint is replaced by artificial knee joint. When knee pain becomes unbearable for over a long period of time and it starts interfering with day-to-day activities, doctors suggest to go for knee replacement surgery. It is the only option available when other treatments such as physical therapy, medications , help of walking aid fail to ease out pain. Knee replacement surgery is also called as total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

Chronic osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are two common reasons why people prefer …
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14 Ways To Enhance Your Natural Beauty Without Wearing Makeup

When was the last time you felt confident in your own skin and dared to go outside without makeup on?

Recently, the Grammy-winning Alicia Keys showed up makeup-free in the VMA 2016 and even in The Voice to send a clear message about makeup and its effect on one’s self-esteem and individuality. The “bold” move made headlines, and people kept on asking “why”, but the real question here should be, “why not?” What she did was something that needed no explanation, but unfortunately seemed unnatural in a world fed up by …
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