Top 10 Tips Guaranteed to Maximize Your Height Potential

An Understanding of the Growth Hormones Involved in Growing Taller

Your height is determined by genetics and environmental factors.  Since being short is not a trait many people admire, most of the short people, especially teenagers and young adults are not comfortable with their heights and are doing everything possible to know how to grow taller.

Getting to understand How to Grow Taller

It is true that most of the factors that determine your height are beyond your control. However, that does not mean you cannot work on how to get Taller. In fact, there are a number of things you can do to enhance your chances of growing to your full height. Yet, this is only possible when your growth window is still open. Once it closes, your height remains the same.

Height is influenced by many different genes. It follows, therefore, that having two short parents doesn’t automatically destine you to a short height. In the same way, two tall parents don’t necessarily mean that you will be tall. However, if most of the people on both sides are short, chances are that you may also be short. It may not be easy to determine your exact height until adulthood.

When thinking about how to grow taller, it is good to have a rough idea of what your actual height should be. You can calculate your projected height using your parents’ heights. Add the two heights together, and then add 5 inches if you are a boy and deduct 5 inches if you are a girl and divide what you get by two. Your projected height is the answer +4 or -4.

One of the most important things on how to grow taller is nutrition. Ensure that you eat three meals a day on a regular schedule.  Take plenty of calcium to promote bone growth and carbohydrates to give your body energy to grow. Take lots of high-quality proteins from legumes, eggs, meat, etc. to provide essential nutrients that your body needs to grow.

Another advice on how to grow taller is taking 500 mg of niacin before you eat something. This increases the level of growth hormones. You should also eat fish, alfalfa and mushrooms for vitamin D, which promotes muscle and bone growth. Ensure that your zinc intake is optimum. Foods like chocolate, eggs, peas, oysters, and peanuts are good sources of zinc.  Consider taking zinc supplements to boost your daily zinc intake.

Adequate sleep is another tip on how to grow taller. Sleep is instrumental for overall growth and development. Little or poor quality sleep affects growth in the long run. This is because, as you sleep, the body grows and regenerates tissue ensuring that you maintain a good weight, height balance. Growth hormone is also produced when you sleep.

Also, remember to keep good posture as you learn how to grow taller.  Poor posture; affects the curvature of your growing spine. When you walk, avoid slouching. Instead, walk upright. Sit up straight when you are in chairs. Good posture will make you look taller even if you are not growing taller.

Refrain from growth hormones because they hardly impact your height but instead make you lazy and inactive. Also, consider stopping alcohol consumption and smoking. Apart from impacting your health negatively, they also affect your height.

Almost everyone wishes to grow taller to limit some disadvantages that dwarf people do experience. Growing taller may be affected by genes sometimes, but there are tips that can help to optimize the height potential. They will help on how to grow taller. If you are keen on growing taller, then make use of these top 10 how to grow taller tips to get you the desired height you want. The results will depend on the efforts you are putting in.

Top 10 Tips Guaranteed to Maximize Your Height Potential

  • The importance of a balanced diet

A balanced diet has huge effects on how to grow taller. If you maintain an improper diet, your body might lack the necessary vitamins and minerals to boost the muscle and bone growth. Therefore, make sure you eat healthy foods that contain more proteins. These could be beef, poultry, and fish, to mention a few. Consume vitamin D, zinc, and calcium. They are good for the health of your bones and muscles in growing taller.

  • Physical activity helps you grow taller

Exercising also has a significant role in growth. It keeps your body active and stimulates growth hormones. The participation in sports can be beneficial to your height growth. The body muscles will be fit and active to stimulate height potential.

  • Avoid drugs and alcohol

Consumption of too much alcohol and drugs impede growth. Therefore, leave them in order to enhance your height potential. Moreover, steroids can impede growth and also affect sperm count in men. Avoid that in order to grow taller.

  • Sleeping well helps you grow taller naturally

Insomnia contributes to a stunt growth. Your body needs to rest. Rest lets the growth hormones be released for optimum growth. Sleeping helps you gain height because it provides more time for muscle and bone growth.

  • Get enough exposure to sunlight

Some people may underestimate this tip. Sunlight does indeed help maximize height potential. Sunlight is a source of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and muscle growth. The body needs more of vitamin D, which in turn aids growth. Exposure to sunlight will allow the body to absorb this important vitamin.

  • Get enough rest

By resting, you help the body to relax and to produce more of growth hormones. After exercises, do make sure you have ample rest. This will help your body adjust and in turn, improve your growth.

  • Massages help you grow taller

How to grow taller with massages you ask? Getting enough massages help to relax the body and boost growth hormones. Massage is also an exercise that helps you grow taller. Getting enough massages will optimize the growth of your body.

  • Maintain healthy posture wherever you go

This also helps to maximize your growth potential. Push your chest out and put your chin straight to maintain a healthy posture that helps stimulates the growth of muscles.

  • Drink enough water

Drinking lots of water also help your cause in growing taller. The role played by water in our bodies is indispensable. They help boost nutrients that are essential for bone and muscle growth.

  • Avoid unhealthy fats

A fat diet will not help to grow taller but will help to gain weight. Therefore, avoid it.

I hope these tips help answer your question on how to grow taller.


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