7 Reasons Why Cutting Carbs Isn’t Enough To Lose Weight

There are many cases in the United States are suffering from overweight and obesity. Until now, the numbers are growing. One of the causes of obesity and overweight eats a lot of foods daily. From huge hamburgers, beef steaks and other heavy meals from restaurants, hotels or even in your dining room), it seems that you can’t stop yourself from eating too much of them.

As a result, your stomach grows bigger than your chest. Not only that, you’ll get love handles and double chin too. While some of the Americans don’t care about their body (even if they’ve reached 500 pounds), there are some who are already conscious about their condition. Obesity and overweight could lead to several complications shortly, such as diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol and triglycerides and so on.

These diseases consider being degenerative, which means it could get worse for few years to come. If you don’t have plans to avoid this one, you might end up paying big hospital bills from time to time. If you don’t want this to happen in your life, probably you should start worrying about being overweight and obese. You may think that people are living a normal life with this, but it’s not. For you to get out of this situation, you need to do change your lifestyle habits.

One of the things that you can do is by cutting carbs. It’s indeed very effective once you start doing that by replacing it with low carb foods and drinks. Some of you may think that this is already proven for you to lose weight after a month or two. However, there’s some harsh truth that you need to know about reducing your carb intake.

Did you know that cutting carbs alone aren’t enough for you to lose weight? Here’s why.


1 – You sleep too much

If you think sleeping too much is a good idea for you to lose weight, think again. The study shows that oversleeping could result in weight gain. As a result, your body’s metabolism is weak in which it’ll not make you lose weight at all. Even if you cut carbs lately, losing weight isn’t going to work once you oversleep.

There are people whom we understand that they oversleep due to hypersomnia, depression or sleep apnea. Not only that, you may have a chance to sleep because of alcohol intake. If you want to lose weight, it’s better to sleep for at least six to eight hours a day and not more than that. In this way, it’ll support weight loss on top of cutting your carbs.


2 – You eat too much of healthy fats, nuts, and fruits

Eating healthy stuff are okay, but not too much. If you have stopped eating high-calorie foods and drinks, that is a good sign. It advises that you should replace them with fruits, nuts and any food that contains healthy fats. They’re right regarding cutting out your carbs.

Unfortunately, they won’t work very well once you eat too much of them. You just need to control yourself from eating once and for all. That’s excellent for your daily meals and snacks. Once again, just don’t overeat them in a day.


3 – Returning to your old eating pattern

It is one of the hardest things you will sacrifice for yourself. Back then, you are overweight and obese. But now, you’re already lost a lot of weight. Although there’s nothing wrong for you regarding returning to your old eating habits, however, you deserve what you get. If you want to maintain your weight, just do your best not to go back to the pattern where it results for you in being obese or overweight.

Perhaps it is considerable that you can go back for at least once for a while, but not on an ongoing basis.


4 – Keeping yourself stressed for most of the day

Cutting carbs isn’t enough to get the results you wanted once you’re stressed. It may be at work, business, school studies or so. It proves that stress could lead you to gain weight because of your body’s poor metabolism and other complications. Not only that, stress is considered a cause for cell degeneration that could lead you to be highly prone to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, lung disease, liver damage and so on.

To avoid too much stress, always give time to relax for a while. Spend quality time with your families and friends and enjoy with them. Relaxation and stress-free management techniques can help you as well. It is why cutting carbs alone won’t work if you’re stressed.


5 – You still drink soda from time to time

Of course, soda is one of the reasons that you’re overweight. Soda and other carbonated drinks can contribute to weight gain, in which cutting carbs isn’t enough for you to start getting the results you wanted. Not only that, these kinds of drinks can increase your blood sugar level that would lead to diabetes shortly.

Instead of drinking carbonated stuff, it was suggested you drink plenty of water for at least eight to ten glasses a day. On top of that, you can also drink reliable protein shakes, fruit juices, and many others.


6 – Lazy to exercise for a few minutes

For you to become healthy, it’s not just about relying on cutting your carbs alone. Not even proper diet alone could keep you healthy for long. Your body needs to expose towards physical activities like regular exercise. You can have all the time with your work, business or other priorities you have. With regular exercise, it only takes you between 20 to 30 minutes to do.

One of the proven ways to lose some weight on top of cutting your carbs is indoor biking for calorie burning. Not only that, you can do aerobics and yoga, cardio workouts, jogging, walking, stretching or so. On top of that, you can do household chores if you don’t have time for regular exercise such as cleaning the house, gardening, lawn mowing, repairing and so on.


7 – Expecting fast or immediate results

They expect too much when they’re entering a weight loss program or so. People think that they may lose weight in an instant or very fast, but it’s not. Losing weight is a long process for you to ensure, in which you have to keep going no matter what. However, some people have lost patience because of no to little results. As a result, they just go back to their old ways and maintaining their overweight status.

You should embrace the process and always think positive. Just stick to your plan, never give up until you see results one day.


Final words

Even if you’re trying hard to cut carbs, it won’t work once you do any of these above. You need to have some discipline for yourself aside from just cutting carbs alone. If you’re guilty in one of these reasons above, don’t worry you’re not alone. People make mistakes, and they only adjust. It’s either you’re going to accept and give up your weight loss journey, or you take and keep going. It is why cutting carbs alone for any of these reasons is not going to work out, and everybody should know this. The choice is yours to keep, and good luck with that.


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