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7 Sneaky Reasons Why Your Skin Is Dry And Irritated

Here is a simple, no-brainer test we want you to try: Reach for your arms and legs and look at them closely. Do they feel tight? Do they look rough and scaly? Are they cracking and flaking? Lastly, can you write your name on them using your fingernails?

If the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, then it’s confirmed – you have a dry and irritated skin.

The reason why your skin is dry is obvious – the lack of moisture. But aside …
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An Insight of Circumcision in Adults

We no longer live in a world of distances, rather we live in a time where globalisation has become a reality. So, any topic is up for debate. And nothing can be said more; in favour or against the circumcision for males. As obvious there are two sides of each story; one in its favour and one in its opposite faction. Those in favour of it present facts based on religious, social and scientific studies. And the opposing faction, which advocates against circumcision (majorly) believe that there is …
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How Effective Is Crossfit In Weight Loss?

CrossFit can be defined as a comprehensive program that combines endurance training, strength training, interval training that is short and of high intensity and a variety of skill based movement training. It is essentially a philosophy that that uses an intense commitment to a workout lifestyle that is strict. Participants of CrossFit usually complete a workout of the day (popularly referred to as WOD) either on their own, with a trainer or even a group of fellow exercisers. This is usually done at a designated CrossFit gym or …
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