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Nine Super foods To Munch on for Brain Power

We eat well to meet our goals – to boost our strength, maintain a good weight, and keep ourselves physically healthy and disease-free. Our overall physical state is what we’re concerned about and we often neglect the importance of eating the right kinds of foods to improve our brain and mental health.

Eating well, in general, is good for our gray matter, but there are certain foods that offer optimum benefits for the brain power like enhanced memory, concentration and alertness, improved mood, and lower risk of age-related cognitive decline.

  • Salmon

    Omega-3 fatty …
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    Healthy Benefits of Adding Music to Your Lifestyle

    We all love music and we listen to music every time we get leisure time. For many of us, music is a big part of our lives. There are plenty of health benefits that you can achieve while listening to music. Whether you are a music lover or not, adding music to your lifestyle is important since it offers you many health benefits. Listening to music is the key to good health and music can do more for you than just boost your spirits.

    More and more …
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    8 Stress Busting Ways To Look And Feel Younger

    Deadlines and other job demand congested traffic, and unresolved conflicts with your partner –  all these unpleasant issues cause stress which not only puts you in a bad mood but also takes a toll on your overall health and appearance. It’s difficult to defeat your stress hormones, and the voices inside your head, chanting the hymns of your overwhelming responsibilities aren’t helping you calm down.

    The good thing is stress reduction can be attainable. You don’t have to escape from the city’s hustle and schedule an expensive …
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    7 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Acne and Pimples

    Generations of teens have been told that eating unhealthy, greasy food leads to breakouts. Let’s face it, when it comes to acne and pimples, this is true. Acne- that not-so-romantic inflammatory skin condition leads to blackheads, pimples, and clogged pores. Yep! It is not fun, and you really need to avoid it.


    How Do You Get Stuck With It?

    There are various foods which aggravate acne, but the primary offenders are those which are high in carbs and excessively greasy. And don’t forget fast food, refined sugar, and chocolates. Most people love …
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