7 Effective Ways to Minimize Abnormal Nerve Disorder

The abnormal nerve disorder may not be life threatening, but can be annoying in your daily life. If you are experiencing abnormal nerve disorder today, I have good news. You’re not alone, and many others like me are having this same kind of condition. But let me tell you something about how I acquired this kind of annoying disorder.

Few years ago, I started having strange symptoms such as panic attacks, trembling, involuntary muscle twitching, nausea, breathing difficulties and so on after a “terrifying experience” at a Sea Dragon carnival ride. The symptoms progressed for months, as it bothers me for most of the day. As a result, I can’t focus on what I do every day. My doctor diagnosed me with the abnormal nerve disorder due to the symptoms I mentioned to him.

As I took my time in deep researching, I studied some effective ways of minimizing this disorder. After trying them out, I find them very effective for me at least. I’m sure that these ways of minimizing abnormal nerve disorder can help you as well.

Without further ado, here are some few effective ways of minimizing your symptoms once and for all.

1 – Limit your caffeine intake

Caffeinated drinks are one of the reasons that trigger your nerves from time to time. My doctor told me that I should limit consuming caffeine with this condition. I tried to drink coffee twice in a day, but I ended up shivering due to its strong reaction.

You better limit yourself in drinking these:

Hot or iced coffee (e.g., native coffee, cafe latte, mochaccino, etc.)
Frap shakes with coffee
Soda (it has caffeine)
Energy drinks
Iced teas

Although there’s nothing wrong in drinking one or more of these, however taking it too much will make your nerves go crazy. Just minimize drinking them, and you’ll have no problem dealing with your nerve condition.

2 – Exercise is good, but don’t overdo it

It is recommended that your body needs to stay healthy and in shape. Eating healthy foods alone isn’t enough to minimize your nerve disorder symptoms. Even if you have this kind of disorder, it doesn’t mean you can’t exercise anymore.

Here are some exercises you should consider:

Walking (jogging is fine, but may cause your heart to palpitate after a few minutes)
Indoor biking with the highest quality bike trainer or outdoor cycling
Limited sports activity

Cardio exercises are good for the heart and nerves; however you may not overdo this. At least 10 to 15 minutes a day will do, with short breaks too.

3 – Consume foods with magnesium content

Some sources said that magnesium is a mineral that helps minimize and combat anxiety. Magnesium deficiency is one common reason that you have an abnormal nerve disorder.
Here are some foods that are high in magnesium content to minimize your symptoms.

Green leafy veggies

And a whole lot more! As long you have these in your daily meals, it’ll help you a lot in minimizing your abnormal nerve condition.

4 – Avoid stress and pressure, always take breaks

I was so guilty of this to be honest, and it’s simply hard to avoid. Either you’re at work or school, stress and pressure are always there. Not only you are stressed and pressured physically, but mentally as well. As a result, your cells are damaged and it contributes to this kind of a nerve disorder.

Tip: Always take breaks from time to time. If you’re on the desk chair, consider standing up and do some stretching or walking for a minute or two. It’ll help your blood circulate well and avoid back pain on top of your disorder.

5 – Learn breathing and relaxation techniques

When I learned techniques about relaxation and breathing, it’s very effective for me to become relieved in my abnormal nerve disorder symptoms. This really helped me a lot in calming down my nerves a bit. Although these nerves are uncontrollable, they can be managed by providing enough oxygen into your blood and nerves. In that way, you’re almost as relaxed as ever once you started learning and applying these techniques daily.

Tip: You can ask your family, friends or relatives if they knew someone who can teach you about breathing and relaxation techniques. Alternatively, you can search and watch them on YouTube and apply on your own.

6 – Attract positivity and always be happy

I have learned this from my friend who taught me about positivity and happiness. If I always attract positive things to myself, it gives me the energy to continue to do the things I wanna do. I find out that once I’m sad, worried, and frustrated about something, the symptoms starting to get stronger. However if I’m happy, it’s the other way around.
Here are some ways for you to attract positive thoughts to relieve you from abnormal symptoms:

-Watch and listen to motivational and inspirational videos and audios
-Read self-help, growth and spiritual books and quotes
-Find a friend or a group who are positive-minded and willing to motivate you
-Attend praise and worship/bible study service to ask God’s guidance
-Spend time in making positive self-talk alone in a room or a quiet place where people won’t notice you
-Be grateful and thankful in all circumstances

Make them a habit every day for at least a few minutes of your time. Once you do any of them, it’s like you forgot that you have this disorder.

7 – Sleeping less isn’t a good option

Since I have abnormal nerve disorder, sleeping is one of the problems I had to deal with every day. Every time when I lie on the bed or sofa, I feel some “pulses” in most parts of my body. The pulse strengthens when I’m attracting negative thoughts into my mind. I also tried to sleep less because of my work, but I found out that my nerves inside me isn’t relaxing, especially my heartbeat. Once I started to sleep regularly, my symptoms are reduced and motivated enough to get back to work.

Tip: Try meditating for a while before you sleep. Praying is effective by simply talk to God about your problem and asks help from Him. Make sure that you sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day, and not less than that.

Abnormal nerve disorder may not be cured or reversed, but can be managed easily by applying all of these effective ways naturally. If you’re one of those persons like me who have this kind of condition, this is a must-read. Go ahead and try any of these tips, and you’ll see some changes within you in no time.


Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger and writer who is passionate to share and review anything about health and fitness. He is dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes to become healthy for most of the time.

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