6 Beauty Secrets Women With Perfect Skin Do Everyday

Have you ever wondered, how women around you manage that amazing youthful glow all the time. And, that perfect silken smooth skin of theirs. Even when they look so simple, how on earth do they look so impeccable? The answer to all your questions are much simpler than the questions themselves. It’s because they know, it is the little things in life that matter the most in the long run. And it’s still not late for you to begin today, only if you want to.

1.    Eat organic

Consume a lot of omega-3 in the form of flax seeds and salmon, they help hydrate the body, dilute sebum levels, unclog pores and fight acne for a natural glow. Antioxidants rich foods like  tomatoes, cottage cheese, mangoes, berries, almonds and more, they  protect your skin from free radicals and restore the elasticity of the skin. Plus, eating organic food flushes out the unwanted toxins.

Anti-aging experts recommend this: mix a bit of whole milk and water, then to directly apply it onto your face. Leave it there for 15 minutes, it will exfoliate, moisturize and reduce wrinkles. The doctors claim this to be Cindy Crawford’s arcane yet lucid secret. Do give it a try!


2.    Exercise

woman exercise

Exercise is the solution for everything in this world. Be it your physical health or skin health. Exercising regularly improves the circulation of the blood, which improves the oxygen flow in your body. Do make sure to sweat a lot. It flushes out the unwanted toxin through sweat and makes your skin glow naturally. If, you are a person who cannot wait to see the result, this is the one for you. Happy exercising!

3.    Face Wash Routine

A person who wishes to slow down the aging process, needs to follow a regular face wash routine. So, wash your face with a cleanser. Let it settle for a second to break down the dirt, oil or even the makeup and then wash it with lukewarm water. Never forget to put on a product which contains matrixyl. It helps to smoothen your skin. For best results follow the same process in the morning too.

Warning: Scrubbing your face raw is a habit you need to stop today. Exfoliating is only good for skin when done twice a week, gently! Scrubbing harshly can lead to microscopic inflammation that can swell the surface of skin increasing blemishes and redness.


4.    Sunscreen

Of all the things that help our skin age fast, sun is on the top of the list. Even when you can protect your skin by walking in the shade or covering up with clothes, the best way to prevent aging is to apply and reapply a sunscreen. Use it after applying an anti aging skincare moisturizing cream in the morning, with an SPF 30 for the best outcome. You need to wear it whether it rains or shines, The  secret of christie brinkley ageless beauty too. She does it everyday. Because, she knows that everyday UV exposure breaks your skin down.

5.    Keeping Hydrated

Drinking adequate water in not just good for your skin but, for your overall health too. Skin is like any other organ in your body made up of cells. And these cells need water just like the other cells to work. If you do not drink enough water, it turns your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less elasticity, therefore more prone to wrinkling.

So, other than just drinking water, you can apply a hydrating moisturizer containing hyaluronic acid within 2 minutes of leaving the shower, such as revitol skincare moisturizing cream. Applying a moisturizer right after the shower helps in better absorption of the product. And, hyaluronic acid  attracts water to the skin and holds it there. This keeps the skin soft and alive throughout the day.


6.    Sleep

Your body works all day long and at night, it needs rest to repair itself and recover. Quality sleep of seven to nine hours, leads to a long list of benefits for your skin. While you sleep your body produces collagen, which prevents sagging. Your body boosts blood flow, which gives you a healthy glow. In short, never ever compromise with your sleep, because its more than just a sleep. If you sleep less than 6 hours, you need to increase this number significantly, because it affects your looks directly. Give it a try and people will begin to notice, fewer wrinkles, a glowing complexion and a brighter, less puffy eyes.

We all want that perfect skin, with a healthy glow. No one wants to grow old before time. These habits will make sure you don’t. So, don’t wait for a tomorrow, because it never comes! Today is all we have.



Emily Kristina is a skin expert by profession. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with people about . She works for  skincare products for women by Revitol . She regularly contributes  her write ups to health or skin care related websites.