Bad Skin Care Habits You Need to Ditch

You follow a diligent CTM routine on a daily basis. You exfoliate your skin. You also apply sunscreen without fail and you still wonder why your skin is not at its best many times. Maybe it because you have picked up some bad habits innocuously which are stopping you from achieving that “near to” perfect skin! Here is a list of those wicked habits you need to have a break up with:

Indulging in a workout with makeup on

“I didn’t have time” is a very common excuse heard for not removing makeup before going to gym. Do you know what happens when you exercise with makeup on your face? When you get sweaty, that sweat opens up your pores. When your pores get opened, makeup enters into them along with the dirt and bacteria which results in heavy breakout on your skin. So ensure that you always make time to remove makeup before you indulge in a workout. It’s important to use a proper cleanser to remove heavy makeup. If you have light makeup and not enough time to remove it someday, you can benefit from using makeup removal wipes. Even wet wipes should help. Use HealthKart coupons to purchase these wipes online at a discounted price.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Binge snacking at midnight, ordering just about every tempting dessert you see on a menu, drinking alcohol like there’s no tomorrow at a party, staying up late every night, waking up late, et cetera are just some bad examples to quote. Is this what your lifestyle sounds like? Then, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that is why you have a skin that’s dehydrated, dull and always prone to pimples. Always remember that you are what you eat. Start taking care of your diet and also break free from bad habits such as these. Do yourself a favour and start today only by taking baby steps!

Picking pimples

We all have been there: There is a party next day. You are super excited about it. You know what you will be wearing. You sleep peacefully at night only to have a bad morning next day. There’s a pimple on your face. Instead of getting super conscious about it and popping it, it is best that you let it be. Popping your pimple will not lead to scarring on your skin but it may also cause more pimples, thereby worsening the situation. Opt for special acne based products, which you can shop for at the best price by using 1mg coupons present on CashKaro. For a quick solution, you can apply a mud based pack on the spot 2 times in a day before you head out at night. Or you can also pimple spot treatments.


Face wash, exfoliating, cleanser, toning, moisturizer, facial mist, topical ointment, face wash, toner, day cream, face wash, face pack, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, night cream, eye cream < do you see pictures of your everyday skincare routine flashing in your mind? If yes, you really need to a put a limit to the amount of products you are using every day and also deciding how much to use them. Everything in excess is bad, particularly using too much of face wash and exfoliators. Both will strip off natural moisture from your skin, making even oily skin dry and extra sensitive.

Sleeping with makeup

If you wear makeup, make a vow to never ever sleep with makeup on! Not only will it clog your pores and cause pimples but will also add years to your skin making it look old over the time. Even if you are returning from a 4:00 AM party, you need to wash your face. You might want to invest in an oil based cleanser which will take off your makeup in a jiffy. This way you won’t feel lazy to remove your makeup.