Top Ten Dieting Tips for 2016

Eating well is vital in keeping our body in check and ensuring that we stay healthy. Staying healthy however does not mean being thin or starving ourselves. It simply means feeling good especially on the inside and keeping at bay anything that might lead to an unhealthy status or unwanted diseases. Here are top ten healthy dieting tips for 2016 that everyone should know.

Eat vegetables

This comes as number one on the list of healthy dieting tips, because vegetables are good for our health as they have low calorie quantity. At the same time, they provide us with not only vitamins, but also minerals, antioxidants and fiber. The trick is to mix fruits and vegetables of different colors and flavors as this will appear appealing to the eyes and will drive you to eat it. It will also destroy the monopoly of eating vegetables only and you will find yourself consuming more of the mixture.


This makes the list of healthy dieting tips for 2016 because being healthy goes beyond the food we eat. Staying healthy also involves exercising to keep our body fit. Whether it is pitter-pattering on the treadmill every day, walking, jogging or even doing sit ups, do something to increase your blood flow at least once a day. Exercise is a good way of increasing our metabolism and burning those calories to maintain your current weight. It also helps in reducing stress levels and giving you an energy boost for the day.

Avoid processed foods3

They are sweet and tempting but processed foods are not healthy. I understand that after a long day at the work place/office, you are too tired to even get into the kitchen let alone turn on the stove, but processed food on the regular do more harm to your body than good. Avoid chips, pizzas, bacon and such and go for the more healthy versions like home cooked meals. If you must, have processed food occasionally.

Avoid bad fats

fast food collection on on white background

Not all fats are bad and there are healthy ones you can use on a daily basis. The body needs just the right amount of fats and consuming too much can lead to excessive weight gain. Removing skin from the chicken before cooking and choosing lean meat whenever you buy some, go a long way in reducing the fat you partake. If you must consume fat, use the healthy versions such as omega 3 or even coconut oil. Use unsaturated fats like avocado and sesame oils, as this will keep your cholesterol levels low. Limit your usage of other fats such margarine too.

Minimize salt and sugar

Vinegar, salt, sugar and coffee containers in kitchen

Vinegar, salt, sugar and coffee containers in kitchen

Sugar is sweet and the taste buds love sweet things. By sugar I mean even the sugar found in other products like bread, cakes, sweets/candy and even a soda. Sugar has many disadvantages despite its sweetness and it is advisable to use minimum if you can’t avoid it completely. It has been associated with diseases like diabetes and depression. You should also avoid salt and only use iodized salt on the minimum. In a recent interview with Gracy of Best HCG site, she said “Too much salt has been known to lead to high blood pressure. Use natural spices like garlic and black pepper to add taste to your food. Limit the use of sugar and salt if you want to stay healthy.”

Watch your quantity intake

 Knowing just the right amount your body needs and the right amount to take is the key. Strive to know how much calories your body uses and balance your meals to contain all groups of food. You should have carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and minerals in every meal you take. Put each group in balanced proportion and enjoy your meal. If you still feel hungry after you finish the amount you set out, go for fruits and vegetables because they are healthier. You can also spread out your meals and save a fruit to have later in case you develop a craving.

Use high fiber products

High fiber intake lowers the chances of having diabetes or heart attack/stroke. Chose whole grains that have high fiber like millet and brown rice. Fiber also helps your digestive system by making sure that less fat is absorbed to help you stay healthy. You can swap your usual tea and bread for breakfast with whole grain cereals instead. This will give you a lot of energy to start your day and it will be healthier.

Drink lots of water

Water is an essential part of our diet and one should take at least 2 liters on a daily basis. Drinking water will help your body in detoxification and keep you hydrated. Those who take a lot of water have a beautiful skin and look younger generally. Increase your intake of water since it is something you can take anywhere anytime regardless of what time it is. Do not limit yourself to 2 liters only. If you can take more, go for it. The more you take the better.

Eat natural proteins

There are many natural proteins like beans, peas and nuts. Go for these instead of the processed versions. Distribute the proteins evenly through each meal and do not consume a lot at once.

 Listen to your own voice
This is the last on the list of [healthy dieting tips for 2016].Many people will want to impose their ideas on you telling you what you should eat, where and when. Remember that staying healthy is your own call and you are the one who has to deduce what is best for you. Take what you think is helpful and let the others go in through one ear and out the other. Do not be afraid to turn people down. At the end of the day, it is you, your body and your mind. Your goal is to feel good in keep a healthy body not to please others.