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Healthy Body & Skin : Calcium-Rich Health Benefits

Calcium makes 2% of total body mass of an adult. This makes it one of the most vital elements in our bodies, which keeps us healthy throughout our lifetime. In early childhood, it helps the development of our bones and teeth. During adolescence years, again, calcium supports our growth. As we get older, calcium plays a major role in preventing osteoporosis. Apart from bones, this mineral brings other health benefits as well, some of which include weight management and cancer prevention. Here is why you should drink your cup of …
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10 Tips to grow your hair faster

There are many people out there looking for various solutions to grow their hair faster and longer. While, some are already blessed with long hairs. The thick and long hair gives a natural glimpse to your appearance. Having a long hair is often considered as a sign of beauty. Plus, it builds up your confidence and self-esteem too. But, there is no shortcut to make your hair grow faster. On average, our hair strands grow about a half an inch per month. The rate of growth of hair …
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No excuses: 30-minute no equipment workout to fit in your busy schedule

How many minutes or hours per week should one really have to commit to exercise and finally achieve their weight goal? Well, it depends on your desire: how much weight you want to lose/gain, how long you can spare to go the gym and run in the treadmill, what type of workout you prefer and other factors.


No more nonsense excuses. You may be busy but what’s a 30-minute exercise to squeeze in your day? Maybe get up a little earlier so you can start your day with a quick burn …
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Top Ten Dieting Tips for 2016

Eating well is vital in keeping our body in check and ensuring that we stay healthy. Staying healthy however does not mean being thin or starving ourselves. It simply means feeling good especially on the inside and keeping at bay anything that might lead to an unhealthy status or unwanted diseases. Here are top ten healthy dieting tips for 2016 that everyone should know.

Eat vegetables

This comes as number one on the list of healthy dieting tips, because vegetables are good for our health as …
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A brief encounter with the world’s deadliest bacteria and viruses

Mankind has always been faced with an invisible yet deadly force. It attacks without warning and gnaws away at our bodies with such ferocious intentions that the results are oftentimes catastrophic and deadly. We have been in a war against bacteria and viruses from before we even had a name for them and to this day there are many bacteria and viruses that are only just becoming known to us. Each year we find new strains or deadly strains of these invisible villains and each year we develop …
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