The kickass fruits for effective weight loss

A lot has been spoken about weight loss and people have tried out ample ways to get rid of it. Most of the people are a victim of obesity and are becoming stressed due to the negative results. Obesity also leads to ample diseases. HCG diet has been in the market since 50 years and has fetched results. It is very simple to consume and will bring results in a span of 60 days. Ever wondered if fruits could help you to lose weight apart from providing you the essential nutrients? Yes, there are fruits that directly help in burning calories. The fruits provide vitamins, minerals, and other essential components to the body. They are low in carbs and high in fiber. The following are the fruits that can help the cause of HCG diet:


Who wouldn’t have heard of the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Yes, they are so powerful that they can keep the ailments from attacking the body. They are high in fiber, low in carbs and also provide vitamin C. They contain fewer calories and are filling in nature. One can begin the day with an apple to lose weight. The result can be seen in a month’s time.


If you do not want to look like pear shaped, you must definitely eat this high fibrous food. It contains potassium which balances cholesterol in the body. A pear in the breakfast can be opted for as it will keep you full for few hours. This will prevent you from munching snacks and junk food.


It is a berry that has loads of antioxidants to fight with the fat cells? The antioxidants eliminate the toxins from the body which will add to weight loss. They work against blood pressure and cholesterol. If you are a victim of hypertension and depression, blueberries must be added to your consumption list. These fruits are seasonal and you may not find them all the year. Thus, make the best use of blueberries.


You may not know the fact that the body produces fat burning hormones. Adiponectin and leptin are the two components responsible for melting the stored fats in the body. Wondering how strawberries play a major role in weight loss? They boost the production of adiponectin and leptin hormones in the body apart from increasing the body’s metabolism. Strawberries are seasonal fruits and are mostly found in winter. Wash them thoroughly before consuming. If you do not like plain strawberry, make a strawberry smoothie.


The black seeds that are visible in kiwi are the soluble fibers and they help in the digestion process. They are rich in fiber and it keeps the stomach full. They are slightly expensive, but are sure to be of great friend in your weight loss process.


They are usually seen in summer seasons. They contain 90% of water which makes watermelons as the most loved food. They contain 90% of water and this is one reason why one feels hungry within few hours of consuming watermelon. The amino acid Arginine which is present in watermelon burns the fat. And guess what? You will remain hydrated.


Oranges are citrus oriented fruits that are rich in vitamin C, folate and thiamin. They help in throwing out the toxins from the body which ultimately burns the fat from the body. Rich in fiber and low in calories makes this fruit the favorite of dietician. If you are craving for some sugary fruits without adding much to your existing weight, opt for oranges. They are easily available in the stores and are winter fruits.


It helps in cleansing as well as detoxification. The body tends to pile up toxins which in-turn leads to ailments. Most of the dietitian recommends beginning your day with a glass of lemon juice. It will detoxify the body and will speed up the digestion process. The caloric value per lemon is just 15, which is very low when compared to other fruits.



They are energy providers with low level of calories in it. They help to keep the tummy full due to water content. The vitamin C preset in this fruits helps to lose weight, build immunity and and glow to the skin. They are available throughout the year and are easy to purchase. One must be slightly careful while peeling pineapples.



This juicy fruit is low in fructose which makes it apt for weight loss program. It checks the metallic syndrome which has a direct effect on obesity. Plums are also favorable to treat cardiovascular diseases.



They produce chemical called polyphenol which prevents the fat formation in the body. If one can control the formation of fats in the body, there are no chances of weight gain. Raspberries are easily available in the supermarket and can be accessed easily. The research says that 3 servings of raspberries in a day can reduce 73% of fats in the body. What are you waiting for? Go grab them!

Passion fruit:


The body consists of both good as well as bad cholesterol. Passion fruit controls the bad cholesterol and aids in weight loss. It also improves digestion process.

A weight loss can be made effective if proper diet and exercises are carried out. Fruits have a major role to play in carrying out HCG diet. They attack the stored fats and burns calories. There are many other fruits that can help in weight loss regime. The only precaution to take is that one must focus on the quantity of the fruits. If you are under the impression of losing more weight by eating more fruits, you might be under a huge misconception. Allow you body to accept your new diet and stick to it till the results are achieved. Patience is vital in HCG diet, hence do not give up. Also, keep a check on your calorie count and workout accordingly. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. By following all these tips and eating fruits along with HCG drops one can lose weight even before the completion of schedule.

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