Swimming goggles: 5 tips to pick the right one for you

If you’re already a professional swimmer having all the essential swimming gears to prepare you for various seasons, chances are you have already tried and tested enough goggles to finally choose the one that suits you best.

Yes, we’re talking about goggles. Those are your primary equipment to combat water coming into your eyes. So for those of you who are an aspiring swimmer or those who’d like to dive into the sport, this is absolutely essential to make your swim more comfortable.

There may be a question at the back of your head asking “But do I really need them?”. And the answer is a definite yes. As mentioned prior, it’s meant to protect your eyes because your eyes aren’t really created to function in the aquatic environment.

And for this, here are the things you should consider prior to buying your pair of goggles.

Where do you swim? What are you going to use them for? Are you swimming in an open water, indoor or outdoor pool? Yes, you have to consider this for not all environment are the same.

If you are swimming in an open water or in the ocean, it is best advised that you opt for a goggles with polarized polycarbonate lenses to protect your eyes not only from the water but for the harsh light and UV rays as well. If you’re swimming indoors, dark lenses wouldn’t be great for your sight. Choose the right shade of lenses and consider where you’ll use it for.

Is the quality great? Are the lenses too big? How does it fit on your nose? Are you comfortable wearing them? What kind of strap does it have?

Ask yourself these questions when looking for a quality goggles. If the pair sits well on your eyes but irritating on your nose, you might want to put it down and move forward to trying other pairs.

Does it fog up? This is undoubtedly impossible to test when in stores. But if you have already bought one and later on discovered it fogging underwater, then clearly you’ve wasted money over it. Do try and wear the goggles when in store and if it fogs up in seconds, put it down immediately.

Does it fit well? How does it fit on your eyes? An ill-fitting goggles would be extremely annoying. Check also if your eye lashes touches the lenses. To try if the goggles fit just right:

Place the goggles against your eye sockets and push it without wearing the strap over your head. Check if it hurts your nose. Now, push it a little more and remove it carefully. If it sticks for a little moment before it finally releases from your eye sockets, then the suction works well and great. Otherwise, it will be no use since chances are the water will flow inside the goggles.

Is the price reasonable? You will find affordably priced goggles that are equally as good as per the quality. However, there will also be those that are cheap due to the bad quality. Also, don’t buy the expensive ones if you can find a pair of the same quality and lower cost. You just have to be wise in choosing which one to buy.

Chances are, you’ll have three or more pair of goggles sitting in your swim bag. Perhaps two to three pairs for each swimming category just to be sure you have a spare when one breaks or loses.

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