Skip the Treadmill and Throw Some Punches

Before, boxing was just for those aspiring professional boxers in the future. Today, it’s one of the best exercises there is and most notably, it is no longer exclusive for professional boxers and the hopefuls.

Still argue that HIIT, crossfit, yoga, running, etc., are still far better exercises and burn greater amount of calories than boxing? It’s simple, take a look at the prominent boxers worldwide. What similarities between them you see? Yes, they all have lean and toned bodies. That is because boxing delivers a total-body workout unlike other exercises which only focuses on lower body and vice versa..

You’ll have no idea that those ladies by the pool who struts their neoprene bikinis spends time at the gym wearing gloves and throwing their power punches. Skip the treadmill and try boxing instead. You may not see it as the best workout for you however, it is one of the most powerful ways to burn more calories and achieve a healthy physique simultaneously. Here are the reasons that should convince you to switch from running to boxing.

Boxing flats out your belly. No wonder why some of the Victoria’s Secret models and other celebrities as well resorts to boxing to achieve that flat and toned looking belly.

Quit the notion that you need to do thousands of sit-ups all day, boxing completely hits the core. Although sit-ups do form those abs, boxing delivers effectively and efficiently since it sweats your full body while taking on your core. To put it simply, it’s one of the best ways to eliminate fat and get those dreamy abs faster.

Boxing is a two-for-one cardio. What does two-for-one cardio mean? Boxing does not just work on your lower body (like most cardio workouts) but equally your upper body as well.

It’s a total body workout which means, you would no longer have to do upper body exercises after you hit the treadmill. Boxing is much like a one-stop workout for all your cardio needs. In addition, boxing hones and continues to improves skills even you yourself didn’t know existed such as balance, agility, speed, alertness and coordination.

Boxing calls for your full attention. Unlike other exercises wherein you can multitask i.e., text while running on a treadmill, boxing requires your focus.

Otherwise, run a great risk of being hit. You need to commit 100% of your full attention in this exercise for the betterment of your coordination, alertness, defensive skills and speed. Learning boxing moves can actually help you throw a decent punch whenever under extreme circumstances. No guy can whisper to your ears the phrase “You hit like a girl,” because chances are, you may throw a punch harder than them.

Boxing burns more calories than other workouts. Since the exercise is a total body workout machine, it can burn at least 700 calories an hour.

Of course, the training is exhausting as it is. It isn’t limited to practicing your jabs, uppercuts and cross punches; the exercises as part of your training also includes jump ropes, sit-ups, burpees, push ups, pull ups, squats, shadow boxing and a lot more. You see, you have to fully incorporate your body and prepare it for a well-conditioned fighting shape.

Boxing is great way to De-stress. There’s unarguably a satisfying sensation brought to you by throwing some punches as hard as you possibly can.

After a long and tiring day at work, an argument with your family member perhaps, or a stressful week; boxing can really help you release all the stress in your mind and body and ultimately throw multiple punches to gradually set free of those negative vibes all over your body.

Step into the ring and allow yourself to learn to fight at the same time, incinerate those fats and replace it with a lean and athletic body built. Have any more reasons to add why boxing is better than any other exercises? Don’t hesitate to comment below and share it with us!

About Author:
When she’s not doing planks and jumping jacks, Chie Suarez writes for FitBiz. FitBiz Exercise Equipment is a company that offers brand name fitness equipment in Australia.