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The kickass fruits for effective weight loss

A lot has been spoken about weight loss and people have tried out ample ways to get rid of it. Most of the people are a victim of obesity and are becoming stressed due to the negative results. Obesity also leads to ample diseases. HCG diet has been in the market since 50 years and has fetched results. It is very simple to consume and will bring results in a span of 60 days. Ever wondered if fruits could help you to lose weight apart from providing you …
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Swimming goggles: 5 tips to pick the right one for you

If you’re already a professional swimmer having all the essential swimming gears to prepare you for various seasons, chances are you have already tried and tested enough goggles to finally choose the one that suits you best.

Yes, we’re talking about goggles. Those are your primary equipment to combat water coming into your eyes. So for those of you who are an aspiring swimmer or those who’d like to dive into the sport, this is absolutely essential to make your swim more comfortable.

There may be …
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Skip the Treadmill and Throw Some Punches

Before, boxing was just for those aspiring professional boxers in the future. Today, it’s one of the best exercises there is and most notably, it is no longer exclusive for professional boxers and the hopefuls.

Still argue that HIIT, crossfit, yoga, running, etc., are still far better exercises and burn greater amount of calories than boxing? It’s simple, take a look at the prominent boxers worldwide. What similarities between them you see? Yes, they all have lean and toned bodies. That is because boxing delivers a total-body …
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