Is Medical Marijuana The Future Of Breast Cancer Therapy?

Research is in progress to the use of marijuana for breast cancer treatment. Researchers are therefore tirelessly working in harmony to see if there are better outcomes in evidence on how marijuana is useful for cancer treatment. Latest world news reports that if the scientists prove that it is a treatment that works for cancers, then doctors can relax as cancer patients can successfully recover from cancer.

Marijuana and Cancer

Marijuana describes the dried herbs of the plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana grows and does best in areas with warm, mild and tropical climates. It has other names including weed, grass pot, hemp and hash among several other names. For centuries, marijuana has been in use as a medicinal herbal remedy. Currently, there is still an ongoing result of the essence and use of the plant for medicinal purposes and cancer treatment. The active component in the plants is named cannabinoids. The available chemicals in the component are the HTC and the CBD. Other chemicals are still under study as research continues especially in the highly developed countries. According to reports by latest world news, marijuana is a controlled substance, and its purchase and use are only possible under legal prescription. All products of marijuana including hemp oil are marijuana oil yet to receive approval by most foods and drugs administration acts. The medicinal use of marijuana is not yet approved, but research is ongoing. However, under the legal laws and provisions, marijuana is permitted for use in the treatment of some conditions.


Marijuana can have several effects on the body of the user. Studies show that marijuana contains compounds that are essential in pain relieving and reducing nausea. The plant has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. HTC is responsible for these effects. On the other hand, CBD reduces paranoia and seizures according to the world latest news. Different cultivators of the plants use different strains. This means that marijuana has different effects on the body depending on the plant strain. Marijuana is usually taken by mouth, smoked or vaporized. The absorption of the HTC is poor if the mode of entering the body is by mouth. It, however, causes changes in consciousness and mood after absorption in the liver. Inhaling marijuana ensures that it gets directly to the brain. The effects of marijuana fade quickly and easily after inhaling compared to after taking it by mouth.

How Does Marijuana Affect Cancer Symptoms?

World latest news indicates that marijuana is a good treatment for cancer and especially breast cancer. It also eases nausea and prevents vomiting that is associated with chemotherapy cancer. Studies still show that marijuana is effective in pain relieving especially in treating neuropathic disorders. Smoking marijuana helps in improving appetite, especially for HIV patients. People who use marijuana according to research tend to do well even when in pain and require less pain medicine. The ongoing effects of marijuana in cancer treatment through clinical trials indicate that cannabinoids are safe for cancer treatment and especially breast cancer. The chemicals in the plant reduce effects of cancer, prevent them and can cure cancer. However, all this does not mean the abandonment of conventional medicine for marijuana.

Marijuana and Breast Cancer

According to research, marijuana can help to prevent, reduce signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and better cure cancer. Laboratory studies indicate that the marijuana compounds are capable of killing cancer cells. The studies show that the compounds in the plant are capable of preventing tumors and also damaging them. The studies still indicate and show that the active compounds in marijuana are capable of reducing the growth of tumors and also reduce the spread and the number of tumors growth in the breast. The other advantage of using marijuana for breast cancer treatment is that as the cannabinoids kill cancer cells and prevent tumor growth, they protect the other cells in the body from any damages. Study results revile that CBD can have better effects during chemotherapy. CBD reduces pain during and after treatment of breast cancer and also reduce symptoms including nausea and vomiting. Other results from the researchers indicate that marijuana use for treatment of cancers can result in reduced disease burden. The treatment of liver cancer is also possible with marijuana use.

Challenges in Use of Marijuana for Breast Cancer Treatment

Drug acts in almost all countries do not approve marijuana drugs, oils, and other products. The use of marijuana is restricted. In countries where it is medically used, procedures are legal. Second, all the trials to show the effectiveness of the plant in reducing and combating breast cancer were on animals and not humans. There is thus no documentation that provides solid proof that the plant compounds are effective in humans as they are in animals. The burden of cancer continues to be a problem in both the developing and developed countries. Maybe Marijuana is the solution to easing and reducing the burden.


Notably, marijuana has effects or health benefits. However, most people abuse it as a substance or drug. Governments need to come up with ways of proving the efficiency of marijuana in breast cancer and other cancer treatment. However, procedures for use of the drugs and marijuana substances will always require monitoring to avoid possible abuse.


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