7 Habits that Age You Faster

Some of the habits people engage in are harmful and can cause faster aging. One looks older than he or she is. As young as you are, such behavior should be know of and avoided. Avoidance and healthier habits can lead to more vigorous and youthful looks. Behavior that leads to ageing of the skin is most likely unhealthy and thus harmful of dangerous to health.

Sun Exposure

Exposure to the hot sun and the rays is ageing to the skin of an individual. Overexposure to the sun also results in the formation of wrinkles on the face and other body parts. It is thus essential and important to avoid the time durations you spend in the sun. The exposure may also make your skin appear dry. The rays of the sun on hitting your skin may cause some sunburns. Sunburns are usually unattractive. Overexposure can lead to one acquiring or getting burns on the skin or spots that may be brown or black in color. Apart from the ageing effects, the risk of cancer of the skin is also high as it is increased. Reduce the exposure that you have with the sun. The spots on the skin are also signs of aging of the skin. A young person may thus have a skin with wrinkles.

Cigarette Smoking

The behavior of smoking cigarettes or living together with an individual who smokes is dangerous to health. It leads to faster ageing for a person. Wrinkles on the face are an example of the conditions that affect a person who smokes. Smoking also results in the dryness of the skin of the individual who smokes. The reason is that smoking behavior is harmful and depletes the body of vitamins such as the vitamin C that is essential for the skin health and looks. The vitamin is mainly responsible for the prevention of the skin dryness in the body. The vitamin does the role of maintaining moisture in the skin and making it remain plump. The behavior or exposure to smoking has thus bad and negative effects on the moisture in the skin. Wrinkles may start showing and skin looking dry. Exposure is harmful and bad for both the smokers and the non-smokers who just inhale the smoke.

Alcohol Use

Frequent use of alcohol in the body causes dilation. The skins small vessels that carry blood may thus suffer dilation. The increased flow of blood in these vessels may lead to or cause damage to the vessels that may be permanent. The result is the creation of flushed skin appearance and broken vessels. The surface of the skin thus becomes uneven and looks aged.


When we frown, the skin gets wrinkled. When you frown most of the time, you may look old most of the times, and this is not right. The skin also looks wrinkled and aged. Managing the levels of stress and trying being happy or jovial is thus essential for the health of the skin. It remains youthful and bright. Yoga and also meditation can be helpful in stress management, and this is good for the skin looks.

Lack of Exercise

Some people hardly or rarely do exercise. They like to stay and sit during leisure time. The skin also needs to be exercised. For the health of the muscles, exercise is necessary. The muscles need exercise. When this happens, the skin is also exercised and relaxed. Previously formed wrinkles on the skin can be eliminated. Exercise for the skin and prevention of ageing should be a priority lifestyle practice for all.

Lack of Sleep

When you get little or no sleep, you appear and look tired. Dirk circles can thus be seen or observed on the face. The result of these is sagging of the skin. A continuous habit of having little sleep is likely to cause skin sagging. The skin may take the shape and remain sagging and loosening. The result is ageing of the skin. One may seem or look older than they are. Ensure to get good or enough sleep.

Exposure to Cold Weather

Exposure to cold weather causes dry skin. The skin thus gets old and looks unattractive. Use a good moisturizer on the skin in the cold.

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The skin needs the care to avoid ageing. A youthful look is good and also attractive. The practice of behavior that improves skin appearance is healthy. Avoid all actions that are harmful to health and skin.

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