A Quick Guide to using Random Gym Equipments

You ever get that feeling whenever you step inside the gym and see all the equipment and have absolutely no idea how it works? To add more to that, you’re even too shy to ask how to use it so you just swiftly walk away and use the treadmill instead because that’s one of the few gym machines you have mastered using.

Don’t waste your gym membership and unlimited use of the facilities. Originally posted on Cosmopolitan, here are a few of the common gym props you see lying at the gym and never gave yourself a chance to pick them up and try. And more importantly, intensify and step up your workout sessions by mixing these props to your routine.

BOSU ball

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Been seeing this weird ball and wonder what it’s for? Well, this dual-surface tool helps you increase your stability and force you to use your core in your workouts. The primary challenge when using this is to keep steady — which improves your balance and strength.

Exercise: Forward lunges

Place your BOSU ball 2 feet in front of you. Then, perform a normal forward lunge but place your right foot on top of the ball and raise your left hand for balance. Bend your knees 90 degrees then repeat with the other side. It works out the muscles on both your butt and thigh.


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This one is well-known with fitness professionals. Kettlebells can be lifted using both hands and comes in different weight values. It is great when it comes to building muscles, balance, strength, power and the likes. The most common exercise using this prop is the kettlebell swing and aside from that, here’s what you can do with it as well:

Exercise: Kettlebell deadlift

Begin by standing in a hips-distance apart position. Get a hold of the kettlebell with both your hands then, start bending your knees in a sitting motion with your hips backward as you reach down and keep your neck aligned with your spine. Lift the bell upwards as you go back in your initial position then repeat. This exercise works out your butt and thighs.


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Skip the barbell for a while and use this one instead. Lifting irons isn’t the only tool for building up strength. However, take note that this is not a complete alternative to barbells and dumbbells. Make your exercise more fun by adding a sandbag training in your routine, a new challenge to unlock perhaps.

Exercise: Sandbag Arcs

A 10-15 pound sandbag will do just fine with this exercise. Start by lying on your mat on your back with your knees bent in a 45 degree angle. Keep your feet flat on the floor. Then, lift your arms and bring the bag overhead touching the floor. Afterwards, lift the bag again but this time, above your head and down to your knees. Then, repeat the steps. Ensure that you’re working your core here. Aside from your core, it also improves your shoulders.


Photo by Kathleen Kamphausen/Lauren Ahn via Cosmopolitan

Have you picked these up in your gym and thought of it as somehow, a fan? Well, pick them up again but this time, use this portable plate-like disc properly. This prop is perfect for a total-body workout. Are your ready to use it? Slide your way to a fit body by using these.

Exercise: Pike ups

This is an exercise to step up your planking game. Start by getting in a push up plank position while placing your feet together the glider. Remember to strengthen your legs and maintain your body’s alignment in this position. Then, lift your hips sliding them towards your hands and slide them back in your initial form. Repeat the process and remember, keep your core engaged and control your form. This exercise improves your arms and core.

Resistance loops

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A prop great for body-weight exercises, these resistance loops provides you strength-training to better improve the muscles in your body. Take break off of your other strength training routines and opt for this one instead. This is a perfect tool to stimulate your muscle growth.

Exercise: Assisted pull-up

Go straight to the pull-up bar, put the resistance band over, loop one end through the other and create a secure knot. Use your underhand grip here. Now, stick your knee into the loop, bring your other knee then cross your ankles. Bend your elbows and perform pull-ups, raise your chin up over the bar. Finally, lower your body down then repeat the exercise. This exercise work your triceps and biceps.

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