Diet Without Exercise Is Now Possible !

Losing weight has become a new trend in the daily lifestyles of people for occasions such as marriage functions, birthday parties, prom nights and for some it’s just to stay healthy. Although dramatic, but humans do complain of not experiencing any drastic changes in their bodies even after monotonously tiring themselves of working throughout hours and hours of endeavor, just to regain perfect shape. So who’s at fault now, “regular exercise or lack of knowledge about a prim class healthy nutritious diet?”

Healthy EatingAn effort to lose weight by running on treadmills for half an hour burns 300 calories. Unfortunately, the same workout would hold devastating results if those calories are to be consumed in just 5 minutes of gobble; such a dump. For the same reason if diet was into consideration, 300 calories was just a start then.

Following the correct diet doesn’t need our bodies to render fatigue due to hours of daily workout stress if one wants a slim display. Weight gain and weight loss supplements along with diet could make you oblivious to your laziness. Healthkart coupons and 1MG coupons offer such protein powders at discount rates, so anybody looking for a quicker way to gain or lose weight, can purchase these coupons.

So let us slide through an effortless magic by religiously following the below mentioned diet:-

Before breakfast warm up

Getting off beds, flushing our shits and brushing are the most primary functions performed by human body, but something needs to add up on schedule, what is that? A full glass of water followed by dry fruits soaked in water can be a refreshing ‘before breakfast meal’ to start with. Dry fruits are ones with high vitamin D content and some with high oily fats like cashews need not be consumed. Almonds and walnuts are the best for such business to a count of 4 each which would fill up quarter of our stomachs.


As already mentioned the mere magic of previous meal; breakfasts must be consumed to a certain limit but as considered by the ‘Hindu Gods’, breakfast is one meal to be eaten like kings. No matter what date or day it is, this meal mustn’t be skipped because a heavy breakfast transforms burned calories into that of lean muscles in a body. Out here, do not mistake ‘heavy’ as one with massive capacities of fats and carbohydrates, breakfasts must be heavy as well as nutritious. Say a big no to white carbs during all times of the day, especially breakfasts. White carbs such as breads, pastas, rice etc contain amounts of starch which are a burden muscles, hence increasing huge fats in the body proving it difficult for muscles to handle such weight. The below list can be followed for foods to be dealt with during breakfast:-

Cornflakes: This meal being a combination of 2, must be consumed in mediocre quantities of corn-flakes as corn also contains starch and sweet but roasted corn cuts down half of its fats.

Dahi-paratha: The Indian dish considers any paratha whether ‘aloo paratha’ or ‘dal paratha’. Agreeing to the basic fact that potato is a heavy vegetable containing fats, but it also is a mean to digest foods in simpler ways and not chocking up the stomach with regular injections of undigested dirt.

Dahi ParathaAlso, other food like brown bread with nutella, butter, 2-4 idlies or egg whites does assure a healthy diet.


As a neck filled diet has already been followed in the mornings; pre-lunch consumption of unwanted diet shouldn’t be into picture. This meal must cut down on a quarter to what preoccupied during the breakfast time. Remember – stuff such as fried, excess sweet deserts and basically creamy curries which include cubes of butter should be avoided for a toned tummy. Legumes such as black beans, lentils and even vegetables such as spinach must be hogged on as much as possible. Half bowl of rice concludes 300 calories and half bowl of spinach loses with just a 15-calorie snack. It’s not standard that fats and legumes have to go hand in hand computing same amount of quantities. Cereals and legumes, also raw vegetables need to be in larger space to sum up ditto calories for better strength of a healthy lifestyle.

One dal a day for lunch along with a curry or stirred veggies are the promptest ways to lunch. Dals out here aren’t dishes served with butter or ghee, these should be without any ‘tadka’ and lesser quantities of salt. Breads such as paneer kulcha or plain roti is accepted as a paradise while dealing with diets related to lunch.

Post lunch

After a 2 hour halt to lunch, post lunch is supposed to project a delicacy to tummies as evening time is the period where our stomach feels an urge to swallow junk. Caution – craving for junk is not a serving for the same, so please tackle hunger with soups partnering soup sticks. Brands such as knor and even nestle bestow prime post lunch recipes with soups. Soups are not just light but are easy to digest which makes us feel less hungry. Apart from this liquid, fruits are a means to resting down bodies for naps with stomachs filled massive juices.


Dinners are the least considered of all because all through the day such dishes calm down bellies and also the want for more.

Chicken Briyani, breast chicken, beef etc are a protein filled diet which after having will definitely put intestines to work the next day, hence clearing systems, generating space for food. Dinners are often mixed with deserts to delight upon, but while following diet, saying no to these tempting mouth water sweets is a sacrifice worth giving up for.

The above strict diet, if followed without often lackadaisical interruptions, would definitely shape up your body to a slim and charismatic outlook which doesn’t require even a second of run. 6 out of the 7 days diet is mandatory and a ‘cheating day’ is required the 7th day as a complete ‘no’ to unwanted fats, carbonated drinks and fried junk would be atrocious. These junk make us render energy more than any other food occupied, so remember, “bunking a day, studying for the rest, makes us not just pass, but score the best.”

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