Workout at Work – Smart Exercises you can do in the Office

Working from 8 AM to 5 PM and suddenly you feel your body gaining weight? If you think because of your hectic schedule you can no longer afford to take a minute and sweat, you’re wrong. Sitting for a long period of hours may be hazardous to your health so try to find ways and a little bit of time to work your body.

According to Greatist, sitting for a long period of hours are linked to a higher possibility risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Take the Stairs 

Whenever you have the opportunity, (always) take the stairs. If you’re on the 15th floor, take 5 floors by stairs then take the elevator right then, if you must. If you’ve been sitting too long, step out and run up and down the stairs for 5 mins.

Take the stairs

Tap your Toes

If you’re really burdened with paper works, no worries. Just tip your toes you might have done this before, only you’re unaware. Tap your toes on the floor in a fast motion for as long as 1-2 minutes.

Tap your toes

Leg Raises 

Stretch those long legs! They’ve been positioned in a 90 degree angle for so loooong. Give them a break! While sitting straight, you’re back flat on your chair, lift those legs in parallel position then move it downwards then upwards, repeat. Your officemates won’t even know you’re doing leg raises.

Wall Sits

The most doable of all, you can even do it for only 30-60 seconds. You know the drill, place your back flat against the wall, bend your knees and slide your back down. Ensure that your thighs are parallel to the ground.

Knee Lift

As you’re waiting for your file to print or when working on the photocopier machine, squeeze in some knee lifts in your time. While standing, raise your knee up while both your arms go downwards, simultaneously. Do the other knee still with both arms in downwards motion as knee goes up, repeat. Do this for 15-20 seconds, 2-3 repetitions.

Side Lunges

If you have your own office room or when no one’s around, do quick side lunges. Take a big step on one side, point your toes forward and bend your knee while keeping your other leg straight. Return to standing position then do the other side. 10-15 reps each side is good.

Chair/Desk Dips

Grab your chair or use your desk for this. Hold onto the edge of your chair or desk, lift your self down and right back up. 10-15 reps of this with at least 2 reps is good.

Desk dips

Invisible Chair Sit

The most basic and common  exercise can be done in the comfort of your cubicle. Lower your chair and/or just pretend you’re sitting in your chair (when in reality you’re not, you’re doing chair sits) by leaving an inch of space between your bum and your seat. Hold for at least 20-30 secs. Repeat thrice if you’re not getting magnified by your chair.

Walk, Walk, Walk

When you’re overly stressed out or just making a call, step outside your office. Roam the corridors and walk the hallways. Walk back and forth until you’ve cleared your head and ready to get back to work or when you’re done with a business call. This is the simplest however the most convenient way to exercise. Do not underestimate the power of walking.

You can if you find time for it. Work or a busy schedule is never a reason to skip exercising and/or taking good care of your body. You will and should always find time to squeeze in a minute or two to wake up your muscles. By doing so, it will make you feel more energized and able throughout the day.

About Author – Chie Suarez

Chie is a writing junkie from the PH. She writes for FitBiz, a company that specializes in the retail of brand name fitness equipment. Chie likes to jog, walk and rest in between.