Should I Go for Rhinoplasty ?

Today, Rhinoplasty is the procedure that the big number of people chooses to undertake. This plastic surgery can restore you a proportional nose shape or can help if you have troubles breathing due to an accident or a birth defect. A good candidate can be someone who can undergo the surgery safely and will be able to get a favorable result. If you are thinking about going for rhinoplasty, you should first check if you are a right candidate for this procedure. Take a look at the following text to see if you are a right person for this type of plastic surgery.


The first thing you have to do is check is everything all right with you, since rhinoplasty is a major procedure, and you’ll want to be completely safe if undertaking it. The tests that are done are quite simple. A simple blood test is everything that has to be done. You can do this at the nearest clinic. Your general health doesn’t only have an impact on the procedure but on the process of the recovery as well. If you are healthy, the recovery is going to be completely successful and you won’t feel a thing.


This is a procedure that should not be done too early. In other words, it shouldn’t be performed until your nose has fully grown. If the nose keeps growing after the surgery, its shape and functional aspects of the nose and then a new procedure has to be done. That is why it is the best idea to go for rhinoplasty once your nose finishes growing. This usually happens between the ages of 15-17. There is no upper age limit for this operation and you can do it at any age once your nose is ready.


Smoking, as well as excessive drinking can have a negative impact on the operation. Therefore, if you want to go for this plastic surgery, you shouldn’t smoke nor drink too much during the last few weeks or months before the operation. This is very important, as it will make the procedure go without any problems. In addition to this, your recovery process is going to be much easier if you haven’t smoked or drank in a while.


Rhinoplasty can definitely do a great job for your nose, but you have to keep your expectations realistic if you are planning to go through this procedure. Building up, reducing the size or restoring a damaged nose is quite a complicated thing and this operation cannot do miracles. Patients who understand this and understand how much can be done are usually quite happy with the outcome. On the other hand, if you set your expectations too high you might not end up happy once the procedure is done.

Skin quality

Skin quality also affects the outcome of the surgery. The quality of the skin is higher while we are younger but then over the years it may reduce. This usually happens due to the sun exposure or some unhealthy habits. This is another reason why you should think about rhinoplasty while you are younger. The surgeon should first check out the quality of your skin and according to that, you can set up the realistic expectations.

Emotional Readiness

Another important thing is to check if you are really ready to go through with this surgery. Think about how badly do you want this and try to imagine how you are going to look after the surgery. If you make a rush decision either to do it or not, you might not end up with what you wanted. A good thing to do would be to take a look at rhinoplasty before & after pictures. Once you see how this surgery can have a good impact on a person’s looks, you might end up deciding to go for it.

This is definitely a surgery that can help you quite a lot. Still, if you are planning to go for it, you should first think carefully about each of the above given aspects of this procedure. If you think you are ready and are a right person for it, you should go for it and change your nose for the better.