Change your Lifestyle to Lose Weight, Says Health Expert


Weight loss is a major concern for most people these days. A fat body is home to various health ailments, which might hamper the lifestyle and growth of an individual. Whereas, a lean and fit body ensures a calm and peaceful mind that helps the overall development of a person. A few teeny-weeny changes in your everyday schedule can help you to reduce weight significantly. It is not always the strenuous session at the gym that might get you the perfect body. But, following a regular, healthy and nutritious diet along with a few lifestyle changes can surely help you shed that extra fat. Famous health experts mentions a few simple tips that you can implement in your daily schedule to maintain a fit body. Read more to find out & lose weight.

Maintaining a food diary

Most people complain that they do not eat much but still gain weight. However, they aren’t really aware that the mind hardly keeps any track of the quantity of food eaten, and the calories it contains. Hence, keeping a food diary that keeps a record of the food you have consumed throughout the day, and the calories it had will make you realize how much you have eaten. It acts as a reality check, which ensures you cut down on hogging those extra calories.

Exercise in between those Entertaining Sessions

Stop being a couch potato while watching your favorite TV series.  Health Experts mentions indulging in some or the other physical activity during the commercial breaks. You can do the same while listening to your favorite radio station. Club your entertainment time with easy-to-do exercises.

Climb the Staircase

People these days have developed the habit of taking the lift or the escalator even to climb first few floors of a building. However, Health Experts promotes climbing the staircase at least twice or thrice a day. It will help to lose those extra calories you gain daily. This physical activity also helps to increase your stamina and keep you fit and fresh.

Walk Smaller Distances

Is the nearest super mall a mile away from your home? Then ensure you walk down every time you visit the mall. Make sure to walk through every small distance that you travel in the day. It not only ensures you indulge in physical activity, but also refreshes your mind.

Reduce Consumption of High-Fat Food

Craving for your favorite food is absolutely natural. However, consuming a large quantity of such high-calories food can have adverse effects on your health. The Indian diet plan for weight loss suggests keeping a check on the food intake, and limiting it to a certain quantity.

Make sure you consciously reduce the quantity of junk food every week and compensate it by increasing the quantity of healthy food. After a few weeks, your body will get used to eating healthy and avoiding junk.

Set a Target

Another important tip as per the Indian diet plan for weight loss is setting a target before you hog on to junk food. Treat yourself only after you have missed a few cravings of junk food. This will ensure you stay away from high-calorie food, and gradually reduce the urge to eat outside food.