Basic Necessities you need to Store in your Gym Bag

Most of the time we arrive at the gym thinking we already have in our gym bag the only necessities we think we need. Only to scratch the thought when you discovered you forgot something essential for your workout or post-workout. Good news for you, your gym has your back (although not always) but the downside is: it costs too much (i.e. socks).

 Sure you can borrow from your coach or gym buddy but what if it happens again? Or you don’t have a regular gym buddy or you’re not really that close to your gym instructor. Best advice? Stash everything you need with you. Everything. It will save you the hassle each rough morning when you don’t have much time to get it all together.

Towel  – We have all experienced it — you’re already at the gym busting out buckets of sweat in the treadmill until your sweat runs down your eyes and you had to wipe it out, you step aside and look for your gym bag but oops, of all things, you forgot your towel. If you got a microfiber towel, better for you since it absorbs and dries easier. You do know towel rental fees are impractical so NEVER zip your gym bag without your towel inside.

Water Bottle – Is it really that much needed to spoon-feed you? Some of you may pass on this one and exclaim “duh” but believe it or not, some of you needs a quick reminder on this. This is the most important thing you need and should always have in order to hydrate. Opt for a reusable water bottle you can refill in a jiffy.

Sports Watch – Not the metallic formal-looking Casio watches. Even if you’re at the gym, you need to keep track of time — how long have you been running on the treadmill, how long will your crunches rounds will be and so on. Of course, you’d prefer checking the time for each interval separately. A watch that allows you to mark your start, end times and lap times shall work great for you.

Extra Socks – Because doing your multiple intervals on the ground without socks on isn’t a good gym etiquette. Also, if you use and already sweat on your socks, it’s only proper hygiene to put on a fresh pair of socks especially when after workout, isn’t it?

Extra pair of Clothes – A tank top, T-shirt and shorts won’t take up too much space in your gym bag. Walking out the gym looking and feeling fresh may save your for when you unexpectedly bump into someone you know. Also, you don’t want to go home with a foul smell, do you?

iPod and Earphones – There will always be days wherein you’ll feel not as pumped as other days. A quick and simple solution? Music. Download a gym playlist that you can play while working out to keep you going and more energized. Your body likes to go with the beat, you know.

You see, these items are just sitting at your home waiting for you to pick them up and put it in your gym bag to carry it along in case you’ll be needing them — which during most cases, you do.

About Author Chie Suarez

Chie is a writing junkie from the PH. She writes for FitBiz, a company that specializes in the retail of brand name fitness equipment. Chie likes to jog, walk and rest in between.