Important Facts of Male and Female Pattern Baldness

Hair loss has always been a matter of concern for both men and women. A hair thinning, and baldness condition both affect an individual emotionally and physically. This condition results in lowering the self-confidence of an individual. People try different hair treatments and medications to get rid of this problem, without being sure of the cause of the condition. This article will help readers to learn the different facts of baldness in men and women. If you are experiencing male or female pattern baldness and are not sure, why you are facing this issue then you have come to the right place. This article explains the different causes of male and female pattern baldness. It also shares treatment options for both these conditions.

What is Male Pattern Baldness?

A hair thinning condition where there is substantial loss of hair is known as alopecia. Male pattern baldness starts with a receding hairline and a bald patch on top of your hair. Usually, every man after a certain age goes through hair disorder issues. Male pattern baldness is one of the most common hair disorders seen in men. It would normally take twenty years for a man to become bald entirely. However, depending on a man’s hormones and genes, he might lose his hair at an earlier or later stage. If alopecia isn’t treated at the beginning, the condition worsens over time.

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Many women show signs of female pattern baldness also known as alopecia diffusa by the age of 50. They start experiencing hair thinning, which results in losing about fifty to hundred hairs each day. However, not every woman experiences hair loss issues. In fact, if compared to men, baldness pattern in females is seen less. Women observe hair thinning across the center of the scalp. Very few women suffer from a receding hairline. If this condition left untreated, then the thinning of hair continues to the sides of the scalp. Apart from the physical appearance of a woman, baldness has a direct effect on her psychological health. Developing the feeling of insecurity, low self-confidence, woman suffer from withdrawal symptoms from the society.

Causes for both conditions

When hair thinning and baldness is caused due to hormones and genetic reasons, the condition is then called androgenetic alopecia. In most males, pattern baldness is due to hereditary reasons. Also, with age the hair follicles shrink in size and stop producing new hair. This condition slows down the natural hair growth process resulting in thinning hair and baldness. The male hormone testosterone converts into another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Sometimes, due to this DHT hormone hair follicles of the scalp reduce in size.

Female pattern baldness usually occurs due to aging, hereditary, and hormonal reasons. A woman after menopause experience hair thinning, which is caused due to the increased levels of androgen (male hormone) in their body. This hormone imbalance also results in reducing the size of the hair follicles that slows down the natural hair growth cycle. Few women who suffer from PCOD or PCOS, also notice excessive hair loss. Some women observe symptoms of female pattern baldness due to a family history of alopecia. And aging naturally results in hair thinning and baldness in women.


Most men and women don’t feel the need to treat alopecia as they are comfortable with their looks. However, there are few hair loss treatments available for male and female baldness pattern.

– Medication

There are two medications – Finasteride (Propecia®) and Minoxidil (Regaine®) that have proven to show useful results in curing baldness in men and women. Minoxidil is like a lotion, which needs to be applied to the scalp. One needs to be patient while using either of these medications, as it takes about four to six months to see visible results.

– Wigs

Another option is to use naturally made wigs. Not everyone is comfortable to use wigs as they may look unnatural. But this is one of them most common and safe hair loss treatments for hair loss.

– Hair Transplants

Many people undergo hair transplant surgeries to get rid of their baldness problem. Hair wearing is another procedure that helps to enhance your appearance and disguise hair loss.

So, if you are suffering from male or female pattern baldness look at the treatment options mentioned above. Baldness is very common with age, and one mustn’t feel embarrassed about their physical appearance. Do not let this hair disorder condition affect you emotionally, and if it does take the aid of one of the treatments available.