Best Foods and Diet for Increasing Height

Height has always been a thing people keep having issues with, and a source of many social arguments. Shorter people tend to suffer from a loss of confidence, and tall people tend to be more narcissistic. As a result, many people today want to be taller and seek many ways to either make themselves, or at least make themselves look taller, seeking that extra boost of confidence. But tall shoes hardly ever do the trick. If you seek to literally rise to new heights, what you need to stimulate is that Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Yes, a person’s height is determined genetically, and there is little you can do to alter your genes, but there are sometimes conditions that result in impaired growth, and in these cases, you could give your HGH a little prod with some different foods and diets, and see how that works out. After all, a little vitamin D could be the difference between reaching that top shelf and spending a whole afternoon home cleaning after you dropped the salt jar. Here is what you could try out.


People like saying “Say your prayers and eat your vitamins”, and the latter might work for you if you know what to take. Vitamins help for stronger bones and better health, and vitamin D can help with impaired growth and bone development in particular. Eggs, fish, mushrooms, soy products, almonds, and tofu are the foods you need to obtain some of that helpful vitamin D.

Vitamin A, on the other hand, helps with the body organs, and it preserves the development that vitamin D does for your bones. It also helps with skin conditions, eyesight, and keeps a strong immune system. Look for vitamin A foods like spinach, chicken meat, peach, papaya, peas, and apricot.


Proteins are something you should always seek to add to your diet. They keep the health up, and keep regenerating body tissues, along with creating new ones. This is a natural way to stimulate the Human Growth Hormone, and proteins can be found in all sorts of everyday foods like cheese, seeds, fish meat, peanuts, lentils, oatmeal, and soy beans. Nutrients are important for the human body, so you should seek to add as much as you can.


Minerals are also something you should definitely seek to obtain. Calcium in particular is essential when it comes to body development. It stimulates growth, keeps the bones strong and sturdy, and it maintains physical health. Milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs are the foods you want. And the foods you do not want are coffee, excessive amounts of salt, sugar, and fat – they are calcium inhibitors that will do the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve.


Milk needs to have its own category as it is the ultimate food for any diet. It contains all the necessary vitamins, it contains calcium, and proteins. Milk helps with building up bone structure, and it keeps the bones sturdy. It helps with development and maintenance of body tissues and cells, and it helps with health, the immune system, and skin complexion cleaning. 2-3 cups of milk a day and you will be doing everything in your power to give yourself a healthy height boost.

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