5 Life-Changing Free Fitness Apps that should Dominate your Smartphone

Fitness AppsIt is with no doubt that exercising is difficult especially when you’re working. Of course, you would rather spend your free time together with your family or friends, go to the malls, eat dinner/lunch together during weekends rather than go straight to the gym.

Not many realizes the importance of exercise to our health. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle includes shaking off your body and letting it cry your sweat.

To help you get motivated, here are a few Free Fitness Apps to guide you towards healthy living. Squeeze in a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App (Free; iOS and Android)

This app encourages you to squeeze in at least 7 minutes of your time to workout. It serves as a routine guide that offers routines varying intensity and duration of course, that is fit for your ability and your body requires. It offers exercise routines for beginner to veterans. You can also customize your own routine for your targeted muscle areas or the likes. Make sure you have a chair ready since you will be working with it a lot.

Map My Run (Free; iOS and Android)

If you’re more into running, then Map My Run is your must-have app. This tool helps you to track your distance and get a hold on your heart rate as well. Not only that, it allows you to keep mindful of your nutrition and calorie intake. If this sounds good for you, download it NOW.

Seconds (Free; iOS)

If you know how to properly execute your workout routines and the only help you want is a smart timer, Seconds fits the bill. Customize your exercises for your interval training and the app will speak the interval names to notify you what’s next and your current interval routine.

Sworkit Lite (Free; iOS and Android)

If you hate signing up for mobile apps especially fitness apps, then you got to opt for Sworkit Lite — no registrations required. Just open the app and tap on “Fit in 5 minutes” then there you go, start your workout routine. The app includes three categories namely strength, cardio and yoga. Video will play on as a guide for your workout routine. The interface is good in the eyes as well so really, what’s not to like about this app?

Seven (7-minute workout) (Free; iOS, Android and Windows)

Another 7-minute workout app you should try is Seven. It challenges you to workout seven minutes a day for seven months. The app provides you with illustrations, timers, speech notification to let you know what exercise routine is next and if it’s time to rest. The app is essentially an amazing guide for your fitness journey. Plus, you can set a daily reminder to notify you when it’s time to workout. No more time wasted for you.

No more excuses and more positive thoughts to continue in encouraging yourself on your road to your fitness journey. Of course, you should get these fitness apps as guides and additional motivators to help you reach your goal and live a healthy lifestyle.

About Chie Suarez

Chie is a writing junkie from the PH. She writes for FitBiz, a company that specializes in the retail of brand name fitness equipment. Chie likes to jog, walk and rest in between.