4 Acupressure Techniques for Muscle Cramps & Pain Relief

Due to modern lifestyle and Hectic schedule people don’t have time to look after their health properly, which results in severe muscle pain at a very young age. Beside this there are certain other reasons too which leads to the muscle cramps like tough exercises, dehydration, during the period of pregnancy and fatigue. Muscle cramps can be easily visible by hardening of muscle at that suffered place. In order to get relief from these muscle pains all you need to change your lifestyle little bit, do exercise or yoga daily and of course acupressure is the best way to get immediate relief. Basically acupressure has been just a therapy which effectively helps you to get rid of cramps and get relief from muscle pains and discomfort in any part of your body by speeding up the blood circulation and functioning of all body parts, improve tissue nutrition and reducing muscle stiffness. Moreover acupressure is not dangerous at all, even if you never tried it before must learn it and try it yourself; it is completely safe and has no side effects. By practicing acupressure you can get relieved from any kind of Muscle Cramp and Pain, just take a look from different acupressure points which helps you to reduce your pain.

NECK POINT: Most of you experienced extreme pain in your neck; reason behind this is hectic jobs of sitting in front of a computer for a long period of time. This severe neck pain causes difficulties in doing your jobs properly and hence need to be treated.

Acupressure Techniques

Acupressure Techniques

To get relief from neck pain you need to locate the pressure point of the neck, this point is located on the occipital ridge, or can say the point where the spine enters the skull. This pressure point of the neck can easily be found by making a V shape with your middle finger and index finger; then pressing it with thumb on top in the upward direction. Stimulating this particular point helps you to get relief from stiffness of neck and neck ache.

FOOT POINT: Foot point, the point which is located on the top of the foot between second toe and big toe. This point helps you to reduce foot cramps, headaches, tired eyes, arthritis, allergies and also quite your nervous system. So by simulating this point with your thumb you will see effective result and get immediate relief from muscle pain.

LOWER LEG: Another important pressure point is the area just behind your knee and on the top of the calf muscle and other numerous muscles. This is the area where several other points can be found, which, helps you to get rid of Leg Cramps and different muscle pains and also known as supporting mountains because it strengthens your body and tones up your muscle.

Mainly helps to reduce feet swelling, muscle aches, especially calf muscle and relief from leg cramps. In order to check that whether you locate the correct point or not, just observe that muscle will flex on its own as you move your foot up and down.

HEAD REGION: This is the region which contains seven pressure points in a series, which helps you to reduce your mental stress, headache, arthritis, you need not to use all of these points at once, you can work on one or two points at a time.

Just press the point with your thumb and index finger for 3- 4 minutes daily you will definitely feel relaxed.

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