How to Fix Dry Damaged Hair Instantly

With over usage of flat irons and getting your tresses treated to color, hair damage has become very common among the women of this generation. While it may be very easy to damage your locks, repairing them is a real challenge. Here’s how you can prevent hair damage.

Use an umbrella

One thing that you can’t avoid when you walk out the door is the sun. The damage that sun exposure does to your hair is almost as well known as the side effects it has on your skin. By carrying an umbrella not only will you shield your hair from drying out but your skin will be safe from dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Use cool water to rinse your hair

Taking a hot bath after a rough day may be very tempting but it dries out your scalp and leads to dandruff and flaky scalp. Hot water may clean dirt from your hair but it also stripes your hair of sebum which is a natural oil in your scalp that helps moisturize your hair automatically. Whereas cool water is relatively better for your locks as it doesn’t make your hair extremely porous. If you have a habit of taking hot water baths then lower the duration or turn the heat down.

Wash your hair after 2 – 3 days

You may be inclined towards washing your hair everyday to keep them from looking unwashed and oily. This is actually pretty harmful as shampoos contain sulfates that may clean your hair but excessive use of them can lead to dry and flaky scalp. Limit your normal shampoo usage and invest in a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos as compared to your regular shampoos don’t contain harmful ingredients. You just have to spray your hair with dry shampoo and let it soak the oiliness from your hair. They are available for both lighter and darker shades. It’s very convenient especially for women that don’t get time to wash their hair in the morning before going to college or work.

Hair serums and hair masks

After you’ve come out of the shower, towel dry your hair, put some hair spray in your palm and run it though your hair. It’ll not only keep your hair hydrated, soft and smooth throughout the day but your hair will smell amazing too. This step is a must to repair dry, damaged hair. To give your hair extra smoothness use hair masks once a week. They will reduce hair fall by making your hair nice and silky and you’ll be able to repair damaged hair.

Olive oil

To get rid of split ends and moisturize dry and flaky scalp put 2 – 4 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil in your hands and run it through your hair especially your ends. This really helps provide moisture to your scalp and repair your damaged ends.

Author Bio: This article was written by Rida Maqbool. She blogs at which is a premiere health, beauty and fashion informational portal of Pakistan