Home remedies for getting longer eyelashes

Do your eyelashes fall often and lose the thickness? Eyelashes tend to become thinner with the passage of time. It mainly happens due to a natural process that leads to the weakening of your hair. How to make your eyelashes grow? There are numerous natural remedies that help to make you them grow faster. Long and thick eyelashes set the perfect base for any eye makeup. If you are wondering how to get longer eyelashes using home remedies, then follow these simple instructions given below:

  • One of the greatest solutions for getting longer eyelashes is chamomile flowers. You can boil a chamomile flower with water. When the water boils, you can remove it from the flame and allow for cooling. Dip a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the eyelashes. Make sure that the area around your eyelashes is clean and does not have any traces of makeup. Repeat the process every day. Within a month, you will get surprising results.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is proven to be beneficial for getting long and beautiful eyelashes. Apply some extra virgin oil to your eyelashes by using a brow brush. Leave it overnight for hydrating and strengthening your eyelashes. You can remove it the next day with a cleansing lotion. Within few weeks, you will notice your eyelashes growing stronger and longer. You can buy extra virgin oil from an Indian pharmacy store.
  • Green tea is one of the excellent remedies for making your eyelash grow longer. It has a rich concentration of antioxidants and flavonoids, which cleanses and regenerates the lashes. How to make your eyelashes grow or get longer eyelashes using green tea? Apply some green tea to the eyelashes with a cotton ball and wipe it all over the lashes.
  • Castor oil is a wonderful home remedy for getting longer eyelashes. It helps to hydrate, strengthen, and grow your eyelashes. You can apply some castor oil with a cotton ball or directly with your fingertips. Leave it overnight and remove the next day by rinsing out with water. Castor oil can be bought from an Indian pharmacy online.

If you wish to get longer eyelashes, consider the following tips that make it possible:

  • Do not use mascara often as it contains chemicals.
  • Do not rub your eyes too much as it will result in the loss of lashes.
  • Try not to use an eyelash curler as it can make your eyelashes fall.
  • Diet plays an important role in the growth of eyelashes. Try to include keratin-rich foods in your diet. Few examples of such foods are chicken, fish, eggs, rice, and pulses.

Make sure to stay stress-free to facilitate the natural growth of eyelashes. You can also buy Careprost online to get healthy and longer eyelashes. If you put in little efforts, then you can make your eyelashes grow at a faster pace.