Some of the benevolent Hair removing alternatives every girl should follow this summer

Gone are the days when women were stuck with painful techniques to remove those unwanted body hair. Today there are a plethora of alternatives available. What makes them user-friendly is also what makes them skin-friendly. It is just like icing on the cake. You would be rejoiced to know that most of them do not cause any pain. Isn’t that super awesome? Now, I am sure that are curious to know them. Read below to kill your curiosity.

Laser hair removal

Skin is exposed to laser light pulses to destroy hair follicle in this type of hair removing alternative. First experimented in the year 1998, dermatologists too support this now, widely. A person who undergoes this may feel a slight tingling but the technique is safe largely. It works only on dark hair, light skin. Therefore, not everybody can go for this treatment. But is laser hair removal permanent? No, but it can save you from pain and also make the growth scanty over a period of time.

Pros. Results last longer. It is efficient and skin-friendly.

Cons. Costlier than most of the hair removing alternatives. Multiple sittings are required.


It is the simplest and the most cost-effective method of removing unwanted hair. A small razor works smoothly and is ideal for legs, arms, and underarms.

Pros. It is quick, pain free but be wary of nicks.

Cons. The re-growth is quick, so expect a stubble as quick as in 3 days.


It is the only permanent hair removal technique approved by FDA. An electric current is passed via a needle shaped electrode or metal probe to destroy hair follicle roots. It is of three different types thermolysis, blend and galvanic.

Pros: It gives best results of all. Useful for different skin color types

Cons. Bent follicles make it difficult to carry out the process. More than one sitting required. Skin discoloration may happen.

Anti-growth serum

A serum affects the growth rate by targeting hair follicle directly and reduces density over a period of time. It should be sprayed on the skin (freshly waxed, shaved or epilated) two times in a day for a minimum of eight weeks. The growth will become finer and vanish eventually

Pros: not very costly, no side effects like you receive from waxing like treatments. Re-growth is softer and thinner.

Cons: no research supports this.


It is an electronic hair removal device which is aided by multiple mini tweezers. This device removes hair gently and from a large surface area. It can be used under the arms, on the legs and even the bikini line.

Pros: the hair that grows back are softer than shaving and grows slowly.

Cons: ingrown hair-growth is a concern. Can be used only on dry skin.

Hair removal cream

These creams breakdown the protein structure and dissolve hair follicles from their roots. This can be applied on many parts of the body including armpits, legs, bikini. Just apply it in the direction of the hair growth and leave it for sometime as directed on the package (different creams take different time). It is imperative to use good creams such as Revitol hair removal cream to avoid under arm darkness.

Pros: quick results. Pain-free. Affordable. Re-growth is slower, softer and smoother

Cons: the growth takes longer for coming back. Some creams can turn your skin dark over a period of time.

Hair removing device

Home hair removal device release heat flashes in imperceptible waves to remove hair within a few minutes. The hair becomes less coarse and the re-growth is finer.

Pros: easy, at home treatment.

Cons: mild erythema may be experienced by some people.

What do you think about them. Do let us know.

Author Bio: Lisa Fletcher is a beauty blogger and natural skin care expert. She understands how natural solutions demonstrate a positive effect on skin and health. She dedicated her carrier to redefining the meaning of skincare with natural skin care products.