Know about the Top Diet Trends

Indian diet plans for weight loss that will help you lose those extra pounds are the flavor of the season. Here are the best five diet trends that you need to know about that will help you lose weight and look slim.

1) Good Lard

Zero fat consumption during the course of an Indian diet plan for weight loss is almost impossible and never works out. Blanket bans are unreliable and rarely followed religiously in a healthy diet routine. Fat-free food can be flavorless and insipid. Furthermore, our body requires a decent quantity of fat intake to function properly. Weight gain can be credited to a number of other factors apart from fat consumption. A high sugar or salt diet can also lead to weight gain and harm your health severely, in the long run. Taking these factors into account, dieticians have suggested that this year will be the year of fat resurgence. Food magazines, cookbooks, hotels and restaurants will return to the golden period when fast consumption wasn’t all that horrible.

So, this year don’t completely cut off meat, butter, oil, cream, cheese or yogurt and give into the temptation once a while. However, make sure you keep an eye out for food products that promise good fats. Conspiracy theories suggesting that saturated fats are bad for health have been thoroughly scrutinized and lambasted by counter researches. The lack of saturated fats can be counter-productive for your health and body’s functioning. Right from smearing your food with cocoa butter, avocado and fat rich creams to cooking and frying in saturated fats, your delicacies can now be rich in taste and flavor. This diet stresses the importance of having at least a small portion of fat in your diet to ensure you get sufficient energy to sustain through a long day.

2) DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension)

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension was initially designed to help lower blood pressure. However, it later transformed into a viable Indian diet plan for weight loss that could guarantee a long term solution for your weight issues. DASH diet plan to lose weight predominantly includes fresh vegetables, fruits, multi-grains, fish, poultry, milk and certain dairy products. This diet to lose weight enables you to lose those extra pounds without missing out on the appetizing food options.

3) Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet plan for weight loss owes its name to the Paleolithic Age or the Stone Age, when man first learned how to use tools in life for protection and cooking purposes. This diet to lose weight will free your body from trans fats and sugar. The core food in a Paleo diet comprises of undercooked meats, seafood, green vegetables, pulses, seeds, and healthy natural fats. Starch, processed food, legumes, and alcohol are forbidden.

4) No Fixed Diet

No Fixed Diet is something that everyone would enjoy following. There is no food that is prohibited or perfect, and you can gorge on your favorite delicacies once a while. The idea behind this routine is that not all diet plans suit all body types. The safest bet is to go for seasonal produce and local ingredients.

5) Ingredient Vacation

This diet routine allows you to cut down on ingredients that harm your health and metabolism. It lets you indulge in your favorite dishes occasionally. Moreover, you can eat without making drastic changes in your diet routine.


In a nutshell, the best Indian diet plan for weight loss to follow this year is the one that gives you enough freedom to gorge on your favorite food. It is not necessary to compromise on your lifestyle and change your eating habits completely for good results.

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