Vagus Cosmetics: Take an egg a day and get your thick hair locks back

An egg  a day …. Keeps a HAIR doctor away!!!
The  Egg is the cheapest and highly efficient product to prevent the hair loss. We used a substantial amount of money in buying shampoo’s and hair products to get the hair, which are shiny and contain a volume;  rather than using natural thing just like an egg which is the most effective constituent whether its usage would be internal or external; it has the capacity to bring  back the natural healthy luster of the hairs. The egg use can make your hair smooth, shiny and prevent them from the hair thinning and hair loss.

How egg substitute to hair growth

Hair loss is the common problem that has stressed many people told by Dr Rana Irfan (best Hair Transpalnt Surgeon). The Egg has proteins, vitamin and fatty acid that requires for the nourishments of hair. Hairs are basically composed of  amino acid and proteins. The commercial products that promote the idea of giving you smooth and shiny hair results basically through their chemical soak up the nourishment need by the hair growth comparatively  an egg is the cheapest  solution to solve hair problems, help to generate the natural hair oil which is needed by the hair roots for the nourishment. An egg includes many vitamins, proteins and fatty acid; so let have a look how these things contribute to your hair’s.

What a fatty acid does to your hairs:

A fatty acid in egg yolk improves the scalp skin, reduces the dandruff and fight to resolve scalp skin issues such as itchiness, redness and dryness.

What a fatty protein does to your hairs:

The fatty proteins found in egg termed as Lecithin. It helps to improve the texture of hair makes them smooth and soft. The hair loss can be also subside by the usage.

What egg vitamin’s does to your hairs:

The Egg has constituent many vitamins other than vitamin c.
·         Vitamin A
Egg yolk has vitamin A. It counter the dandruff
·         Vitamin B
Vitamin B  enhances the hair growth. The thinning of hair can be treated with Vitamin B. It helps to prevent  baldness and hair loss; even it resists the premature shedding.
·         Biotin or Vitamin B7
Its help to regrow the hair follicle and strength the hair roots for more productive growth.
·         Vitamin D
The Vitamin is needed by the body to absorb the calcium. A Havrad research identifies that  vitamin D  awakens the growth of hair follicles which become resistant to baldness. So an egg even also contributes to resolves baldness sometimes.
·         Vitamin E
It  gives hair growth a boost and secure  the hair from the sun and environment pollution.

Egg Application:

From centuries,  the egg has been used to resolve the hair problem. The egg yolks and white are found in many hair products; even there are certain treatments which used egg to make the hairs straight, smooth and soft. It considers the best moisturizer for the scalp and hair conditioner as well. There are two basic methods of using egg in the hair; first one is to introduce egg in your daily diet or the second one is  using it directly on the hairs (by hair treatment or remedies).  The egg white increase the growth of red blood cells and 50% of egg proteins is presented in egg white.
The Egg is the product that has low cost and inscribed fertile treasure for your hair growth.  The antioxidants present in eggs give the scalp oxygen which is needed to proliferate the hair growth and to solve hair’s problems. The egg benefits not only limited to hair but also to the body and skin. The Egg provides proteins to the hair cell and contributes to improve the texture of hair smooth and shiny.  The natural ways are considerably better to treat out the hair loss problem; they take time to show results,  but they are rich in promoting  hair growth  and have no side effects. if you want to have shiny and smooth hairs; take out an egg from the fridges and run to the market to buy one .