The Top Five Reasons Why People Don’t Wear Glasses and Why It’s a Bad Idea

Eyeglasses frame a world view and define the personality behind the lenses. Some individuals wear a pair before learning to speak; others, with age. Nearly all, for various reasons, sometimes forget their glasses, but rethinking those choices might be wise.

Don’t See A Need

Some people may have glasses and are advised to wear glasses, but simply don’t. This is a bad idea for many reasons. Some people feel that they don’t really need to wear them because they can see fine unless they are reading, and others may not realized how bad their eyesight really is. Neglecting to wear your glasses can impair your vision and cause unnecessary eye strain and even put you at greater risk for getting in a car accident. If you have glasses, you should wear them when your optometrist suggests.

High-Impact Activity

Active people go bare-faced to prevent losing or breaking their glasses, especially during high-intensity sports or at amusement parks. Some parents remove children’s glasses after school, equating playtime with destruction. Up to 90 percent of a person’s ability to react to a physical situation depends on accurate vision. Failing to dodge an acute blow to the eye can traumatize the optic nerve and result in permanent blindness. Consider contacts for situations like this, or get a sturdier pair of glasses.


In weather, you peer through windowpanes and windshields streaked in raindrops, snowflakes, fog, glare, mud or ice. When distorted surroundings become a blur, patches of ice become treacherous minefields. Snow has no depth. Every slippery footstep holds a surprise. Too, eyes are unprotected and vulnerable to wind, sun and dirt, often causes of infections and painful dry eye. It’s especially important to wear glasses during times like these, and opt for anti-glare and other special coatings to help you see better.

Not Enough Pairs Of Glasses

Health or age issues can cause rapid, expensive prescription corrections. Often different uses require separate prescriptions: one pair for distance, another for close tasks. Unfortunately, wearers always seem to have the wrong pair. Doing without the proper prescription may conceal emerging eye problems that, unless corrected, can take damage person’s vision. Diseases involving the cornea or retina may masquerade as eye strain when individuals do not wear their glasses. Be sure to keep an extra pair on hand and maybe one in your car or purse to be sure that you are never without your glasses.


Some wearers complain of glasses chafing noses or ears or being unwieldy, sliding during hot weather or vigorous activity. Ill-fitting glasses are a signal for needed adjustment. If glasses cause pain, they neither fit properly nor correct vision as they should. Individuals with astigmatism are especially sensitive to lens angles in perceiving their physical environment accurately and usually need lengthier visual adjustment periods than others. There are contacts that are made for people with astigmatism to help with this.
Wearing your glasses is important part of everyday life, and should be done to protect your eye health. Be sure to get a pair that fits your needs and style so you can focus and and feel comfortable.
Informational credit to Marvel Optics.

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