Home Remedies to Treat Skin Pigmentation

We have all been out in the sun for a long time at some point during our lives. The sun, a good source of vitamin D, is also the bane of existence for many people. Skin pigmentation disorders are becoming more common, especially with the effects of global warming being felt across the world. The question most with skin pigmentation disorders is how to go about treating them and what is hyperpigmentation? Here are a few treatment options that one could try at home first before visiting a doctor. They are organic and safer than most chemical preparations.

1) Lemon

Lemons are known for their natural bleaching properties. The bleaching action in lemon juice helps erase dark patches from your skin and bring out an even skin tone. The juice can be extracted from a freshly cut lemon and applied directly on the face. After about 20 minutes, the juice can be washed off the skin with water. This can be done on a daily basis to help bleach the skin over time and bring out a natural radiance. After the wash, a moisturizer will help prevent any damage and dryness that the acids in the lemon could possibly do.

2) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the first items on the list for anyone who has skin pigmentation disorders. It contains polysaccharides that help in lightening dark patches that are caused by pigmentation of the skin. On a daily basis, a single leaf of aloe vera can be cut and the gel can be applied liberally to parts of the face and body that are affected by the pigmentation. The gel can be washed off by using warm water after 15 minutes. This treatment can be carried out for as long as required without any fear of damage to the skin.

3) Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is usually found in kitchens, so the question most people would ask is “what role is it supposed to play in battling hyperpigmentation?” Well, the answer to that is that apple cider vinegar is an incredible astringent and skin lightening agent. An equal measure of apple cider vinegar and water needs to be mixed and applied to the affected part of your skin by using a cotton plug. After leaving the mixture on for 15 minutes, it can then be washed off to attain an incredible, glowing skin.

4) Almond oil

Almond oil deals with problems that make the skin appear dark. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin by preventing it from dryness. What is the relation between hyperpigmentation and dryness? Well, dry skin tends to worsen and pigmentation sets in very easily. Almond oil prevents the skin from deteriorating by nourishing it from within. It helps bring about a natural glow that may not have been possible otherwise.
Today, skin issues affect millions of people across the world. Pigmentation becomes an issue when it happens in an uneven manner. Luckily, the remedies that have been handed down from generation to generation are still effective. Using these remedies on a daily basis for a month should help you get healthy skin you dream of, thus making dark patches a thing of the past.

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