Five Home Repairs That Can Be A Health Hazard If Not Fixed Properly

Addressing home repairs as soon as possible is key to making your home a safe and comfortable place to live in for years to come. It may be tempting to take on some repairs yourself in the interest of saving money, but sometimes you’ll need the help of a professional to avoid putting the health of your family at risk. Here are five home repair projects that can pose health hazards if not completed correctly:

Fixing a leaky roof

Mold sporesthrive in moist areas within the home and it can spread throughout the home by way of the heating and cooling system. Mold can cause a range of respiratory problems, especially for those with allergies. Eradicating it is a difficult and expensive undertaking, one that would cost far more than having that roof repaired properly in the first place.

Electrical wiring

Tackling electrical issues can be dangerous if you lack the expertise needed to avoid a potentially life-threatening electric shock. Electrical Safety Foundation International data shows faulty electrical distribution systems cause one third of home electrical fires. For relatively simple repairs, like installing a ceiling fan, make sure the power is turned off first. For more involved repairs like replacing circuits, it may be best to contact a professional.

Plumbing projects

Projects that involve large-scale changes in your plumbing system like adding new pipes or extending hot water lines may require a licensed plumber. Working on pipes used for distributing hot water requires extensive welding skills, and using the wrong parts for fixing a leaky pipe can cause a wet and expensive situation.

Wall removal

Taking out a wall that is load-bearing may render your home structurally unsound. Most exterior walls bear structural weight, and many interior load-bearing walls are positioned perpendicular to floor joists. Many injuries that occur in the home are a result of demolition projects. If you’re unsure how to proceed, call in a professional builder.

Gas appliance repairs

Fixing issues with gas appliances like hot water heaters without the skills to do so safety could lead to a gas leak, which allows dangerous carbon monoxide to permeate the air in your home. Even if you successfully cut off the fuel supply to repair an appliance, gas may escape if lines are not reconnected securely. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, so it’s important to have a professional help with gas appliances.
Recognizing your limitations really does pay in the long run. Along with getting the most out of the money you spend on a professional, you won’t be paying to fix your own mistakes. Your family’s health is too important to risk with situations like this. Informational credit to Simpson T Roofing.