5 Ways Your Life Changes After a Major Accident and Injury

Victims May Lose Possessions
Life changes for individuals after an injury from an accident. While in the hospital for treatment, landlords and bill collectors begin to contact victims, demanding payments. An individual remaining in a medical facility for rehabilitation may lose their home, vehicle and possessions. 

One: Inability to Work a Full-Time Job
After a major injury, an individual is unable to work while recovering. When severe physical traumas occur, someone may never have the ability to work again. This leads to the inability to pay basic living expenses such as mortgage or rent. Victims of major accidents may need to move to a new location with family or friends instead of living independently. 
Two: Requiring Daily Care Due to Injuries
A severe injury can cause an accident victim to require daily assistance for basic everyday tasks, including bathing and preparing meals. Hiring a caregiver is expensive, leading many accident victims to move to facilities designed for disabled individuals. Victims may need to live in an assisted living facility for an entire lifetime at a huge financial cost that is not covered by medical insurance. 
Three: Huge Medical Bills from Hospitalization
Despite having private or employer sponsored medical insurance, an accident victim will incur huge medical bills for uncovered expenses. For long-term hospitalization, medical insurance providers may eventually stop reimbursements as the limit of a policy is reached. Without a way to pay medical expenses, many individuals must sell their homes to pay bills or increase debt by using credit cards. 
Four: Injury Victims Develop Stress and Anxiety
In addition to dealing with the physical trauma after a painful and debilitating injury, individuals often develop feelings of anxiousness and stress. Victims of serious accidents have their daily lives disrupted, leading to inability to work or care for themselves. At the same time, the medical expenses often become overwhelming, causing mental disorders. 
Five: Seek Legal Help from a Knowledgeable Attorney
As soon as possible after an accident occurs, contact a personal injury lawyer to help with understanding your legal rights (Source: Kenneth Cristall Law Corporation). In many situations, a victim of a workplace or vehicle accident is able to seek compensation from industrial machinery manufacturers or drunk drivers. A competent attorney can gather evidence from witnesses and medical facilities to present a case in the local courts. 
Victims Must Fight for Their Rights
While many accident victims deserve financial compensation following an injury, most people must fight for the money for months or years with the assistance of a legal team. Keeping documentation from accidents is essential to prove to the courts that someone is at fault for a victim’s injuries.