Weight loss: Foods you should and shouldn’t include in your diet

It’s no secret that the kind of food, and the quantity you consume is directly related to how much weight you gain. On an average, an adult gains one pound a year, a study has shown. Tweaks to a daily diet have been known to be very effective in losing weight. This means you do not have to rely on things like prescription weight loss pills to drop those pounds. Knowing which foods can help you lose weight and which can’t, may help you create a better dietary plan. So here is a list of good and bad foods for weight loss.

Foods to include in your daily diet

One of the best types of foods, vegetables that are high in water content and fiber are great for slimming down. This is why it advisable to make vegetables a daily part of your diet.
 Adding fruit to your daily diet has been known to help lose weight in an extremely healthy manner. Eating vegetables and fruits with every meal is a strong recommendation for those wanting to stay healthy.
 Although nuts are high in fat, they are the mono saturated type, which we need to have more of on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, nuts actually prevent weight gain because they are rich in fiber and nutrients.
Unlike other dairy products, yogurt can help in reducing weight. However, low-fat yogurt is an excellent option as it has a lower number of calories as compared to regular yogurt.
Whole grains
Whole grain foods are beneficial in a number of ways. Not only do these aid weight loss, but they are also great for cholesterol and digestion.
Diet soda
If you’re a fan of sodas and don’t want to give them up completely, it is better to switch to diet soda when you crave something fizzy and sweet. According to research, 8 oz of diet soda amounts to just one calorie, which makes it better than your regular sweetened sodas.

Foods to cut out from your daily diet

Whole-fat dairy food
Foods like whole-fat milk, cheese and butter can result in weight gain over a period of time. If you choose to consume dairy food, it is better to opt for low-fat dairy products and skim milk. These are lower in calories and eventually won’t increase weight drastically.
Potato chips
Yes, they might make for a tasty snack, but potato chips are one of the worst foods for weight loss. In fact, just one oz. of these fried treats can result in approximately 150 calories.
Refined grains
Foods like white bread, white pasta and white rice are all refined grains which can help you pack on the pounds. Additionally, they don’t have necessary nutrients or fibers, which is why it is best to reduce consumption of these.
Processed and unprocessed meats
Significant weight gain can also be caused by daily consumption of processed means like bacon, hot dogs and deli meat. In addition to this, they can increase the risk of certain cancers and heart disease, which is why you should avoid them. Fatty, unprocessed red meats can also result in weight gain, and can increase the risk of health problems like heart disease, obesity and also cancer.
Sweetened beverages
There’s nothing quite like a chilled glass of sugar sweetened soda on a hot day. But while it may be refreshing, it is also high in calories. Studies show a strong connection between carbonated, sweetened soda and the rising rate of obesity.
Fruit juices
Unlike fresh fruit juices, “100%” fruit juices are not really all that healthy. Daily intake of these juices can lead to weight gain rather than loss. Instead of these, it is far better to eat a whole fruit as they offer better benefits.
Desserts & Sweets
Under no circumstances are sweets or desserts good for someone trying to lose weight. A moderate amount, once in a while may be alright, but it’s never good for daily consumption. While these do result in weight gain, they aren’t as bad as consuming a baked potato.
Whether fried or mashed, potatoes are one of the yummiest kinds of food. However, they are also one of the highest in calories. A medium baked potato is said to be approximately 160 calories. This is why it is advisable to cut out or consume a very small portion of potatoes.
Remember that simple prescription weight loss pills are good enough to lose weight, but it requires serious effort on your part to change your diet as well.