Tooth Decay: 5 Reasons Why you Might Need Dental Implants

For those who have suffered from tooth decay, it can be difficult to chew and talk properly with less function that is available. Many people suffer from a change in their appearance, which can become distorted due to tooth loss and shifting that occurs with other teeth. To improve your oral care, there are a few reasons why you might need implants for a long-term solution with your dental needs.

1. Prevent Teeth from Shifting

Missing teeth can distort the smile and make it difficult to feel confident. Many people who suffer from missing teeth can experience a shift with their other teeth due to extra room on the gums that is available. Dental implants will secure each natural tooth for extra support.

2. Restore the Smile

With a smile that has gaps due to missing teeth, it can be difficult to maintain relationships and social interaction due to a lower self-confidence. When patients are embarrassed by their teeth, it often makes it difficult for them to thrive in both professional and social settings. According to Smith Family Dental, who specialize in dental implants in Salt Lake City, implants can help restore your smile permanently without having to resort to dentures that need to be taken out each day.

3. Improve Chewing

When teeth are missing, it can make it difficult to enjoy certain foods that are dense or require a fair amount of chewing. This can limit the amount of nutrients that are consumed and even cause health to decline due to compromised nutrition. Dental implants will make it possible to comfortably eat raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean meats.

4. Restore the Facial Structure

With tooth decay, many people experience a sagging face shape due to less support in the mouth. This can age the face and make it difficult to maintain a youthful appearance. With dental implants, the facial structure is immediately restored with less sagging of the skin.

5. Preserve the Jawbone

When tooth loss occurs, the jawbone gradually begins to dissolve and can permanently alter the facial structure. With dental implants, the jawbone assumes that a real tooth is in place, which will prevent it from shrinking in size.

Dental implants are increasing in popularity for an incredible way of restoring the smile, bite, and reducing the risk of bone loss. Many people are candidates for the procedure for a long-term solution that can make it possible to have better nutrition and restored self-confidence for a modern alternative to dentures.