Post-Surgery: How to Simplify Your Road to Recovery

Surgery is never something that people look forward to, but the results can definitely improve your quality of life. However, one of the things that is troublesome about undergoing surgery is that you know you will have to undergo a recovery period afterwards. While this can be a pain, you can make your recovery process easier. Follow these tipsto simplify your road to recovery.

1. Bank Your Blood

If your surgical procedure is not an immediate emergency, you should consider banking some of your own blood before you undergo the operation. If you need to get a blood transfusion while you are under the knife, using your own blood could greatly improve your recovery. Studies show that people who need a transfusion during surgery recover faster and have a lower risk of infection when they are transfused with their own blood.
2. Get up and Move Around
Although it may be uncomfortable or even painful, it is important to get up and move around as soon as possible after the surgery. Not only will this help you to recover faster, but this movement is a crucial part of preventing post-operative respiratory problems like pneumonia. If you are having trouble walking after your surgery, you can buy a wheelchair from a company like Medical For You to help you move around. The important thing is to get out of bed and get some activity in.
3. Practice Deep Breathing
Another important part of post-operative respiratory health is performing deep breathing exercises. When you do these deep breathing exercises, they help you to cough out any mucus that is present in your lungs. This will prevent it from building up and causing a respiratory infection.
4. Move in Bed
While you are in bed at the hospital, you can’t just lie there all day. Make sure that you change position at least once every two hours. If you stay in one position for too long, it can cause pressure sores and delay your recovery.
5. Get Help
One of the biggest no-nos after you get home from your surgery is lifting heavy items. Make sure to follow all the doctor’s recommendations after you surgery, including activity and lifting restrictions. If you need help with anything, make sure that you have someone you can ask to help you move or do things.
If you follow these five steps, you will be on the right path for a successful recovery from surgery. While they may seem annoying at times, following them will shorten your recovery period. Your recovery will be easier and shorter than you think when you follow the right path.