5 Ways to Effectively Market Your Dental Practice

If you have a dental practice, you can’t just wait around and hope patients will find you. It’s essential to actively market your practice. There are quite a few effective ways to do this. The following are five of the top methods for getting the word out about your dental practice.

1. Have an Active Blog

Having a professional website for your dental practice is a must. However, many business websites are quite static, giving visitors no reason to return. If you have an active blog, however, you can make your site into an informative online destination for people. Posting on useful health and dental related topics will also help your site rank better with the search engines.

2. Monitor Your Online Reputation

You should be consistently looking up your name and, if it’s different, the name of your dental practice to find out what people are saying about it. Even one or two negative reviews can have a harmful effect on your business. This is known as reputation management, and it’s especially important for dentists. Very often, if someone has a problem with you, it’s possible to sort it out if you make the effort. That’s why it’s essential to consistently monitor reviews, ratings and comments about you and your practice.

3. Make Sure Your Staff is Well Trained

The people who answer your phone and book your appointments play a critical role in the success of your practice. Services such as these provided at companies like Progressive Dental Marketing can teach your staff to interact more effectively with patients which will allow you to better market your practice.

4. Have an Email List and Newsletter

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to attract new patients and remind your existing ones to return to your office regularly. When patients come into your office, have them provide their email addresses along with other contact information. You can also have a signup form on your website. Sending out a newsletter on a regular basis will enable you to stay in touch with your patients and prospective patients.

5. Network With Other Health Professionals

Referrals are always one of the best ways to acquire new patients. Other health professionals are in the ideal position to provide recommendations. Seek ways to develop working relationships with doctors and others in the health professions. One way to do this is to reach out to doctors in your area, either by phone, email or snail mail. This can be mutually beneficial, as you can provide them with referrals as well.

These are some of the actions you can take to market your dental practice. There are now more ways than ever to connect with people and let them know about the services you provide. Doing so, however, takes steady effort on your part.