Supportive Tips for Choosing an Egg Donor

One of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever have to make is whether or not to use an egg donor.  Then comes the next hardest decision, choosing who that egg donor will be.  That’s a really tough choice to make because so many varying factors come into play.  When going through the selection process, both you and your partner need to search your minds and hearts to determine what qualities are the most important to you.  The following are some supportive tips to consider when 

finding an egg donor in Australia:


Anonymous Vs. Known

Before even beginning the process the first decision you’ll have to make is whether you want to use an anonymous egg donor, or select someone you’ll know.  There are many valid reasons why some people prefer to use a known donor.  The donor could be a relative or close friend, which means that the child to be will have a relationship with the donor.  Or perhaps they just want to meet and get to know the person who will be partly responsible for the creation of their child.
Other individuals would rather use an anonymous donor egg Australia, because this frees them from the emotional bind of having to define the donor’s role in the child’s life.  If this is the case, a donor located through an egg donor database would be a much better choice, and the identity of the donor would not be revealed to the parents.  So rather than the individuals involved having contact with each other, the egg donation agency or fertility center service would be the point of contact with the donor.

Physical Characteristics

For many couples or individuals, physical appearance is a vital part of finding an egg donor in Australia.  That’s perfectly okay.  Just be aware that if appearance is not a major concern, your options will be much broader.
One of the benefits of using a known donor is that you know exactly what the donor looks like.  But under some circumstances, childhood pictures of a donor are obtainable if you should opt for an anonymous donor.  This helps you to get a sense of what the donor looks like, without revealing the donor’s identity.

Medical History

When searching for a donor egg Australia, it is vital that you evaluate the medical history of the donor’s profile.  Consider whether the donor’s medical history correlates to your own family history.  Certain factors in a man’s medical history make some donors more compatible than others.  For instance, if the male parent carries the gene for a particular genetic disease, a donor who also carries the same gene should be avoided.

Blood Type

If you choose an anonymous donor, it can be of great benefit to match your blood type with the donor’s.  This is because if your child should ever require blood in the future, you will be able to donate.
Also, a compatible blood type will provide you with the option of whether or not you are going to tell your child that you used an egg donor.  If the child’s blood type is not a possible combination of the parents, it opens the door for the child to find out they are not 100% biologically related.

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